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Bruner Wright P.A. Attorneys at Law is a local Tallahassee Florida bankruptcy lawyer that has won the hearts of many people in the South Florida area because of their dedication to making people out of debt. They are experts at working with consumers and have experience dealing with a variety of different creditors. They will work with you on everything from refinancing your mortgage to working out your monthly payments. If you owe more than 10K to your house, you should contact them immediately.

If you are having a hard time making your mortgage payments, or if your credit card bills keep coming in the mail, you may be a candidate for bankruptcy. Before you do anything, however, you should make an appointment with a lawyer who can tell you what your options are and how to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Many people feel it’s a good idea to do so because they’ve fallen into enough debt that it’s impossible to pay their bills on time. Others try to save money by declaring bankruptcy, only to learn that it’s not such a good idea.

If you decide to file for bankruptcy protection, you will probably be required to liquidate most, if not all, of your assets. It’s not a good idea to do this if you own expensive jewelry or other items that you can’t afford to part with. This may help you avoid having to sell your assets, which could hurt your credit. However, liquidating your assets will also wipe out any available tax breaks you might have had. It’s generally a good idea to keep as much cash on hand as possible.

If you need legal help, a bankruptcy lawyer is a good idea, as he or she can explain the technical aspects of bankruptcy law better than anyone else. You’ll also need to have an honest discussion with your lawyer about the reasons for your financial difficulty and any other options, such as debt consolidation, credit counseling, or even an unsecured personal loan. Once you and your lawyer have discussed your problem, he or she can decide if you’re a candidate for bankruptcy. If not, he or she can assist you in developing a workable budget and repayment plan.

Bruner Wright Private Bankruptcy is a great program for someone who needs bankruptcy protection and has good credit. The program works by allowing you to pay your debts in five easy payments each month. Rather than struggling to make all of your monthly payments, you’ll only have one payment to focus on. Your creditors will recognize this as being in the best interest of the client, which makes it an appealing program for many clients.

If you’re unsure whether or not you qualify for bankruptcy, a good idea is to talk to a representative of the program. A representative of the program will be able to help you determine if you do, in fact, qualify for bankruptcy protection. If you do qualify, you’ll be able to quickly get your finances back on track. This will give you the opportunity to get on with your life and begin building a new debt-free future.

This post was written by Trey Wright, one of the best bankruptcy lawyers in Tallahassee Florida! Trey is one of the founding partners of Bruner Wright, P.A. Attorneys at Law, which specializes in areas related to bankruptcy law, estate planning, and business litigation.

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Law News

Reasons To Hire A Tax Attorney Before An Audit

Hiring a tax professional can be expensive. In some areas, it costs more than hiring an accountant or tax preparer. You may also have to pay for the tax attorney’s licensing fees and depending on his experience, the hourly rate will rise. If you are wondering whether you should hire a tax attorney, then here are several tricky legal situations where hiring a tax professional makes perfect sense.

If you have a tax debt that you want to resolve, one of the best ways is to consult with a tax lawyer. They will provide you with tax advice and tax settlements for your particular situation. A tax liability doesn’t always have to result in tax payments. There can be a lot of arguments that arise out of misunderstandings between the Internal Revenue Service and taxpayers. A tax lawyer can explain these arguments to you and help you decide what the best course of action is for your particular financial situation. They can also inform you whether you are liable for tax settlement amounts, and if not, how much money you will owe, and what the IRS has to offer to settle your tax liability.

Tax attorneys are also great for tax liens and other legal issues. One of the most common issues that arise is having back taxes. If you owe back taxes but don’t know exactly how much you owe, a tax attorney can help you determine your exact liability. He can also help you get a new discharge option, which allows you to have the tax liabilities forgiven rather than paying them back. An experienced tax attorney can even negotiate a reasonable payment plan for you if you are unable to come up with the money to pay back taxes. This can help you avoid going to court and paying large fines.

Tax attorneys can even represent you in situations where the IRS comes after you for an illegal tax act. Many times, the IRS will take illegal action to try to force you to pay for something that you didn’t do. In these cases, you can use good tax lawyers to fight for your rights. These lawyers can also give you advice on how to legally handle the case with the IRS.

Sometimes, people face serious tax debt because they tried to resolve complex tax issues without professional assistance. The problem is that tax attorneys often have years of experience dealing with many different tax issues, and they can be very helpful when you need them the most. There are tax attorneys who work only with clients who have serious tax debt. These tax attorneys specialize in representing tax debtors who have not been able to settle their debts through other means, and who want to resolve serious tax issues through the IRS. They generally work on a contingency basis, so they will not charge you until their client settles his/her tax debt.

You should also hire a tax attorney if you plan to deal with the IRS before the audit. The IRS will often do an audit first, to see if you were paying your taxes on time. Even if you are not charged with any wrongdoing during the audit, the tax attorney may still be able to help you resolve your tax debt through other measures. For example, he may be able to get the audit dismissed if you show that you presented your case properly and if you prove beyond reasonable doubt that you paid your taxes on time.

This article was written by Alla Tenina. Alla is one of the best tax attorneys in Los Angeles California, and the founder of Tenina law. She has experience in bankruptcies, real estate planning, and complex tax matters. The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. Information on this website may not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information. This website contains links to other third-party websites. Such links are only for the convenience of the reader, user or browser; the ABA and its members do not recommend or endorse the contents of the third-party sites.

Personal Injury Law

Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

In the United States, approximately 6 million automobile accidents occur every year. This is a jarring number and it, unfortunately, implies that you may find yourself in one as well. The majority of these accidents are not serious, and you do not need to worry about being admitted to a hospital. However, some can cause severe injuries to you and your loved ones.

These accidents are usually caused by reckless driving and other conditions that put the onus on the perpetrator. Victims of grave car accidents should hire an attorney immediately, especially if significant injures are present and medical attention is required. If you think you can handle the case on your own, read further to find out why you should seek help from professionals.

Reasonable Compensation

Medical bills can be expensive and can take years to pay off. If you weren’t at fault in the accident, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. You may lose money if you try to go about it all by yourself. Insurance companies always try to find loopholes to exploit victims of accidents. Hiring the right attorney who has expertise in the area will try their best to get you fair compensation. The perfect lawyer can also help ease the burden of legal procedures as the process can be quite overwhelming.

Fair Representation

As aforementioned, insurance companies will try their best to deny your claim. This is why you need to hire an attorney. They will represent you in a court of law by presenting the appropriate facts. Experienced lawyers know what information to present and withhold. Furthermore, they will also be prepared to appeal to the court should you lose the case.

Insurance companies will also try to offer you a meager amount of money to withdraw your appeal. Having the right lawyer by your side will ensure that you do not get manipulated.

Knowledge of Legal Proceedings

Without having complete information on the laws in your state and country, you are bound to lose your claim. Car accident lawyers have the expertise and can help you understand your case in a way that does not leave you in the dark. A claim needs to be filed quickly, almost immediately after the accident. Therefore, it is important to hire someone who understands the technicalities in-depth and who won’t waste any time.

In-Depth Investigation

Injuries from car accidents may take time to crop up. For example, pain from whiplash can take days to exhibit the initial symptoms. Similarly, vehicle damage may take time to present itself as well. Hire a lawyer immediately after the accident. They will start compiling all evidence, speaking with witnesses and gathering other details. A lawyer will conduct a detailed investigation which can take time. The more you delay it, the less evidence will be available.

Legal proceedings can be emotionally taxing as well, especially if you are recovering from injuries. The bright side is that you do not have to bear the burden by yourself. Contact a car accident lawyer at the latest to find out more.

Personal Injury Law

Tips for hiring a personal injury lawyer

Personal injury cases are the most common lawsuits filed in the preceding years concerning several types and severities of injuries. However, dealing with the intricacies of the legal system can be quite intimidating. And this is where it’s necessary to seek professional assistance.

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer among the pool of different options can often get tricky.  So, here are some tips to help you with hiring a competent attorney for your case.

Do your research

Search for the top personal injury lawyers in your state, evaluating their success history in handling your case types. You can also browse through online sources for reviews and customer testimonials of some top-rated personal injury legal practices. This will help you get a clear picture of what you can expect from a particular law firm.

Meanwhile, you can review any top law firm’s website assessing:

  • Their last successful case?
  • The case type?
  • The case result?

Reach out to your family and friends

Consult your network of family and friends asking for any personal referrals. If any of your close ones have been through a personal injury lawsuit, you can see if they happily introduce you to their lawyer or direct you the other way.

Likewise, you can also talk to other trusted professionals like a medical practitioner/professor or an accountant for leads on the best lawyers around you.

Check for the right type of experience

If you have suffered injuries out of a car wreck, you should look for auto accident attorneys experienced in handling such cases. Attorneys with extensive legal knowledge in a particular field can best understand your case to help you with an ideal course of action.

Thus, depending on the type of personal injury lawsuit you have to file, selecting the right Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers is crucial. Make sure you discuss all the details beforehand to make an informed decision.

Ask and compare fees

Different lawyers charge differently as per the complexity of your case and their innate work experience. This means you should have a thorough discussion to get a clear idea of the amount you have to shell out.

While at it, you can enlist top lawyers and their respective fees to compare what suits your budget. If the case is a bit on the tricky side, it’s advised not to compromise on the budget as you need the best legal help you can get.

Look into their portfolio

The type of cases a lawyer has previously handled speaks volumes about their approach. In other words, you can comment on their credibility by carefully assessing their work experience and portfolio.

Most people end up skipping this part, owing to the haste to hire an attorney instantly. Make sure you take time and remain mindful of every nitty-gritty you can spot in their case. Not paying ample heed to the portfolio can prove to be the Achilles heel in your case’s overall success.

Personal Injury Law

Involved in a speeding-related car crash? Call an attorney!

Unfortunately, a huge number of speeding incidents and crashes are reported in the state of New York every year. Many accidents result in fatalities and serious injuries. If you were injured in such an accident, you may have the scope to file a personal injury lawsuit, especially if your injuries are serious. People in New York are required to have personal injury protection coverage (PIP) for up to $50,000, which obviously isn’t enough when someone has piling medical bills. There are law firms, such as King Law at 60 Presidential Ct #210 Syracuse, NY 13202, which specialize in personal injury lawsuits. Their attorneys can help you decide if you have a case in the first place. 

When to file a lawsuit

Injured victims must be capable of showing that they have suffered serious injuries to file a lawsuit against the driver at fault. In other words, even if the driver was extremely reckless or was speeding knowing the risks, your lawsuit may not hold if your injuries aren’t severe, as per the requirements of the state law. Also, note that the victim, even if he had a fault in the accident, should receive compensation, as per NY state laws, but the actual amount will vary, depending on their role in the crash. One of the key reasons to hire a lawyer is to know the actual worth and value of your claim and if you can file a lawsuit in the first place. 

Dealing with insurance companies

Insurance adjusters want to actually reduce their financial burden, and they would use any kind of tactic for that. In some cases, they may delay or deny your claim on flimsy grounds. Having a car accident attorney by your side can be really handy in such cases. They can negotiate with the insurer on your behalf, and ensure that you get the right amount in compensation. Your car accident attorney is also responsible for ensuring that the paperwork is done right and all the necessary processes are followed. 

Personal injury law in NY may seem more confusing than in other states, and to be sure that you are taking the right steps, you must consider hiring a car accident attorney. Just ensure that the attorney is experienced, and insist on meeting them in person, so that you can get your questions answered. Your attorney will also give a clear picture of the entire situation. 

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What to Do After Experiencing Sexual Harassment or Abuse in the Military

Are you a victim of sexual abuse or sexual harassment in the military? In 2019, there were almost 8,000 reports of sexual assault in the United States military. While it might feel like you’re alone, you’re not.

But what do you do? There’s a lot of stigma against victims of sexual trauma, even more so in the military. It can be an isolating experience.

We want to offer some advice. Keep reading to learn about a few things that you should do after your military sexual abuse or harassment experience.

For Sexual Assault: Immediate Response

If this was an event that just happened, it’s important to take several steps in order to start the legal process. If this is already behind you, feel free to skip to the next section.

Make sure to leave everything in your space as it was. Don’t clean up your space or yourself before seeking out medical help. Go to the hospital and ask for a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (otherwise known as SAFE).

Report what happened to the Department of Defense. This is a confidential report and they’ll begin looking into it while you continue managing the situation on your end. Then, reach out to your Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (or SARC). They can help you privately so you don’t put yourself at further risk.

Seek Legal Help

Too often, sexual abusers get away with what they’ve done. If you’ve taken the previous steps, you’ll have an easier time getting justice for what happened. It won’t be effortless though, and seeking legal counsel is important.

Sexual abuse in the military is swept under the rug, but there are attorneys out there who know how to handle this kind of situation. Rather than hiring a military lawyer, consider hiring a law firm that’s experienced in sexual assault cases. Don’t let yourself be pressured into picking someone who may be biased by the loyalty to the military.

Sexual Harassment In the Military

Sexual harassment in the military is still serious. No one deserves to be in a situation where they feel unsafe, and harassment can escalate.

You’re going to want to file a formal complaint. Talk to your SARC and they can help you through the process.

For a successful case, you should make your report within 60 days of the incident. Beyond that, a more thorough investigation into both parties will be held that will require questioning into your motivations for waiting and more witnesses to the event.

You should file your complaint with whoever is at the lowest level of command that you can expect an unbiased investigation from.

You’re Not Alone

If you’ve experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment in the military, you have support. You just have to seek it out. It can be scary to take that first step, but it’s worth it to get the justice you deserve. Remember, you didn’t do anything wrong and the other party deserves to be punished for what they did in order to protect you and others from further harm.

For more articles that can answer all of your legal questions, visit the rest of our site.


How to Find the Best DUI Attorney to Tackle Your Case

The apparent dangers of driving under the influence are well-known: death, crippling injuries, ruined families…just to mention but a few. In fact, one person dies every 50 minutes because of a DUI-related accident.

Despite this, millions of Americans still get behind the wheel when they’re drunk or intoxicated. If you’re one of these people, you’re putting your life and those of other road users at risk.

Even if you don’t get involved in an accident, the traffic police will soon catch up with you. And if they already have, you’re probably looking for a DUI attorney to help you with the case.

How do you find the best attorney in your area?

Why Hire a DUI Attorney?

When you’re facing DUI charges, there’s a lot on the line. Your license could be suspended or canceled, meaning you won’t be able to get behind the wheel soon — or again — and drive on a public road. Hefty fines and time behind bars could also be in the offing, depending on the laws in your state.

Other times, you can be facing DUI charges because the police made a mistake. Perhaps you believe the breathalyzer they used was faulty, or your rights were violated.

A DUI attorney will fight for you and help ensure the case reaches a conclusion that’s favorable to you.

Get Recommendations

The easiest way to get the best DUI attorney in your area is to get recommendations from friends and relatives.

As someone who drinks, there’s no doubt you have a circle of friends who also drink. There’s a good chance some of them have found themselves on the wrong side of DUI laws, forcing them to hire DUI lawyers.

You should get more than a few recommendations from your friends and relatives. But if you don’t, you can take the search online. A simple “DUI attorney near me” online search is enough to guide you to some of the top-rated attorneys in your locality.

Either way, your goal should be to get the names of about 5 local attorneys. You can then start to zero in on the best of them all.

Consider Licensure, Professionalism, and Experience

These are the yardsticks that will help you find the best attorney.

First, ensure every lawyer on your list has an active license to practice in your state. And, don’t just take “yes, I’m licensed” for an answer. Verify the information with the Bar in your state.

Second, how experienced is the attorney? We’re not talking about just the number of years the attorney has been in the practice. Look at the number of cases they have handled, and the outcome of those cases.

Third, assess the professional reputation of the lawyer. There’s no good hiring a licensed, experienced lawyer if their professional reputation is poor. You can know the reputation of a lawyer by checking their online reviews.

That’s how to find a lawyer you can trust.

Hire the Best DUI Attorney in Your Area

DUI charges can have hefty consequences, which is why it’s essential to get professional help when you’re facing them. But you don’t need just any DUI attorney. You need a competent one; someone who will put your needs first.

Keep reading our blog for more helpful tips.

Personal Injury Law

4 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

When you find yourself dealing with a personal injury situation, you need to find a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The legal world is tricky to navigate, so don’t try to do it alone.

But how do you find the best one for you? Hiring a lawyer isn’t as easy as finding the first one that pops up on Google and committing.

We want to help. Here are four questions that you should ask before committing to your new personal injury attorney.

  1. What Are the Costs (and How Are They Paid)?

Personal injury attorneys all have their own ways of going about pricing their services.

Some people choose not to charge anything at all unless they win your case for you. In that case, their fees will be paid from the money that the other party has to pay. Many attorneys will agree to eat the cost of the case should they lose.

It’s common for an attorney to take about one-third of what you recover in damages. Ask around to find the going rate in your area and start making your decision from there.

Remember, you don’t want to price shop, but this gives you a good idea of where to start and what numbers are too high and too low to be reasonable.

  1. How Much Experience Do They Have In This Kind of Case?

Not all personal injury attorneys are alike. There are different areas within personal injury law that some attorneys may decide to specialize in. You want to make sure that your attorney knows how your specific kind of case works.

After all, you could hire the best dog bite lawyer around, but if they’ve never done a car accident case they may not be up to the task. Many lawyers, like those at, have multiple areas of specialty.

Ask about their track record with cases that look like yours. Talk about happy clients and successful cases. Make sure they know what they’re doing.

  1. How Confident Are They?

A good personal injury lawyer will only take a case that they’re pretty sure that they can win. This is especially true if they’re the type of lawyer to offer no-fee consultations and agree to eat the costs should they lose.

You need to be careful here though. In most circumstances, it’s a red flag for a lawyer to say they’re 100% confident. The law is tricky, and no one can be 100% sure of anything.

Ask them how confident that they are in your case, ask about why, and go from there.

  1. Do They Have Experience In Court?

It’s true that a lot of personal injury cases settle out of court, but that doesn’t mean that yours will. Even if you have a 99% chance of settling, you need to know that your personal injury attorney is capable of holding their own and advocating for you in the courtroom.

Not all attorneys have courtroom experience. Make sure yours does.

Is It Time to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

You don’t want to put off hiring your personal injury attorney. Going through a personal injury lawsuit alone isn’t for novices, and a great attorney will make the process seamless so you can collect the damages that you deserve. Find the best one for you!

For more answers to your legal questions, visit the rest of the site.

Personal Injury Law

Injured in a Car Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do Next

Have you been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? Maybe you’re one of the 20-50 million people who’ve suffered non-fatal accidents on the road.

It can be a horrific experience.

You might have been badly injured. The driver who was at fault might have left the scene. Worse still, they could have tried to blame you for what happened.

So, what can you do to resolve this awful situation? Here’s everything you need to know about getting justice for a car accident injury.

  1. Gather Evidence

The first thing you need to do if you have been injured in a car accident is to gather evidence to support what happened.

This could be first-hand accounts from other witnesses, CCTV, or photographs taken at or near the scene.

To gather this evidence, you may need to make some appeals to the general public. If your accident took place on a busy main highway then you can enquire as to whether any other cars saw what happened.

Place adverts in local newspapers with the time of the crash. Try posting on Facebook’s marketplace for information or in local groups. Make a sharable status that can be passed around easily and ask your friends to share it.

  1. Stay Calm, Rest Up

There’s no use in getting angry about the situation. This will only make you more stressed and make you feel worse. Instead, stay calm and rest up. If you need to spend time in the hospital then stay there and don’t think about anything else apart from your recovery.

Let your family or friends take care of chasing down witnesses and evidence for you. Although your medical bills might be high don’t think about them and try to stay positive. You will be able to pay them back when you get a payout or claim on your insurance

  1. Hire a Lawyer

Once you’ve gathered enough evidence and you’re sure that you have a case the next step is to hire a lawyer to help with your case. Be sure to take a look at Just Call Moe who will be able to take care of your needs.

Arrange a free consultation with your lawyer over the phone or face-to-face if it’s safe to do so. Be sure to have some key questions in mind and try to come to a judgment as to whether you feel comfortable with them.

Remember although America has this reputation as being a litigious society, this is a myth; we only sue when we need to.

Been in a Car Accident? Get the Justice You Deserve

Being in a car accident can be a horrible experience. You could be seriously injured and you might have also witnessed a car accident death that could scar you for life.

Thankfully by hiring a great car accident lawyer you can see that justice is done and your medical and out-of-pocket expenses are covered.

If you are interested in reading more about how to get justice for being in a car accident be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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When Will The Taxotere Lawsuit Be Settled? 3 Important Things to Know

More than 325,010 Americans are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Fortunately, many of these cases are treatable, but treatment comes at a cost. For many women, one of the most difficult physical and emotional costs of cancer treatment is hair loss.

Temporary alopecia is a common side effect of chemotherapy. However, some breast cancer patients treated with Taxotere have suffered permanent alopecia and other serious side effects.

Alledging that the manufacturer withheld information about these risks, thousands of patients have filed suit.

If you’re among them, you might wonder, “When will the Taxotere lawsuit be settled?” Find the answers you need here.

Three Important Things to Know about the Taxotere Lawsuit

The first Taxotere lawsuits were filed in March of 2016.

These cases alleged that Taxotere’s manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, not only failed to warn patients of the risk for permanent alopecia. According to the plaintiffs, Sanofi-Aventis actively conspired to conceal this risk.

Since then, cases have also identified the ocular condition of canalicular stenosis as another unpublicized risk.

So where do these cases stand? Three key developments offer indications of their progress.

  1. The Taxotere Lawsuit Has Been Consolidated As a Multidistrict Litigation

As of 2020, more than 12,500 Taxotere lawsuits have been filed. With so many suits, the case qualifies for multidistrict litigation or MDL.

MDL aims to increase efficiency when several similar lawsuits are filed. Under MDL, cases remain independent. However, a single judge is appointed to oversee all of them.

This move suggested the court aimed to handle Taxotere litigation more swiftly.

  1. To Date, Though, Only One Taxotere Permanent Hair Loss Lawsuit Has Been Brought to Trial

In September 2019, the U.S. District Court dismissed one woman’s claim that Taxotere caused permanent baldness. In early 2020, the court refused to grant a new trial in that case.

This first case, like a handful of others awaiting their day in court, is important. Early cases are selected as bellwethers. Bellwether cases aim to test the relevance and admissibility of evidence. They also provide an indication of how juries will respond.

In these ways, early cases can influence the outcome of future cases. If early cases fail, the defendant’s incentive to settle remaining cases declines. In contrast, if bellwether plaintiffs prevail, future plaintiffs can expect more lucrative Taxotere lawsuit settlements.

In the single bellwether case thus far, Sanofi-Aventis prevailed. Nevertheless, it remains one case. Four additional bellwethers are set for trial in the coming months.

Their outcomes will provide a better indication of future chemo lawsuit cases.

  1. Despite Coronavirus Restrictions, Litigation Continues

The coronavirus pandemic delayed many legal proceedings, including Taxotere lawsuit progress. Still, 2020 has produced a few key developments.

The first two favor the pharmaceutical company. However, the third gives hope to the plaintiffs.

In May, the judge overseeing the Taxotere MDL dismissed 200 lawsuits. She argued that, as early as 2015, the drug’s warning label identified permanent hair loss among possible side effects.

Then, on November 2, the judge denied a plaintiff’s motion to exclude the testimony of a Sanofi-Aventis witness.

Still, the most recent development this year favors the plaintiffs. On November 11, a Pennsylvania judge allowed a whistleblower’s suit to proceed in federal court. This suit alleges that the manufacturer relied on false advertising and a kickback scheme to promote the drug.

Importantly, this trial is separate from patients’ allegations. However, it could significantly impact Sanofi-Aventis’ public and legal standing.

When Will the Taxotere Lawsuit Be Settled?

Considering the above developments, when will the Taxotere lawsuit be settled?

Various factors influence the length of litigation. These include the circumstances of the particular case. They also include factors outside of the plaintiffs’ control, such as backlogs in court. Currently, they also include the restrictions imposed by a global pandemic.

If you’ve suffered harm from chemo treatments, though, no circumstances should prevent you from seeking justice.

Experienced Taxotere lawsuit lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve. Count on them to craft the best approach, just like you count on our blog for the best advice.