4 Qualities of a Reliable Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

Did you or your loved one suffer a severe injury in a traffic accident or any other incident caused by someone’s negligence? It is natural to want to retain the best personal injury lawyer you can find. Many practicing attorneys can offer competent legal counsel. However, some traits distinguish great attorneys above average ones.

Here are the essential traits of excellent personal injury lawyers. 

1. Outstanding experience 

Whenever possible, you should hire a lawyer with several years of experience in handling cases similar to yours. A seasoned lawyer has a wealth of knowledge in their field of specialization, outstanding skills, and expertise that can only come from working in a specific field for many years.

Sure, law schools teach lawyers how to write legal opinions, conduct legal research, and argue complicated legal theories. However, these learning institutions don’t prepare lawyers for the real-world experiences linked to managing multiple lawsuits, supervising staff, managing a law office, working with fellow attorneys or court personnel, and understanding clients’ needs.

If you decide to work with an attorney who is just starting out, it doesn’t mean he will not be taken care of. Make sure that the attorney understands your case details and can fight for your interests successfully.

2. Skilled litigator and mediator 

Not all injury claims need to be litigated. In some circumstances, it is in the client’s best interest to negotiate a favorable settlement before filing a personal injury lawsuit or taking the case to trial. To get the most positive outcome during these negotiations, you need a lawyer who is an experienced mediator and skilled enough to take your case to trial when necessary.

3. Ability to conduct thorough investigations

A great injury claim lawyer understands the need to conduct an independent and thorough accident investigation. The last thing you want is an attorney who simply relies on the police report to build a case. A thorough independent accident investigation is necessary to identify and gather critical evidence. This way, the attorney can successfully prove that the plaintiff was injured because of the defendant’s negligence.

Having the right details regarding what happened immediately before, during, and after the accident makes it easier for the attorney to prove the four important negligence elements. This is what you need to get fair compensation for the damages you suffered due to the accident.

4. Excellent listening skills

Obviously, a good lawyer must communicate effectively to handle your case successfully. Writing and speech that’s concise, persuasive, and clear is definitely a trait you need in your attorney. Another important element of communication is listening. You don’t want an attorney who cannot listen to your needs or even understand what’s being said in court.


Though all lawyers went to law schools, they have different skillsets and experiences. Besides, every case is different. Focus on finding an attorney with the right skillset and qualities that you seek. Hire an expert who can fight for your rights and interests successfully.