Know What Pro bono Lawyer Services In Singapore Are All About


The constitution of Singapore gives a lot of importance on the right to legal aid or a lawyer, as well as access to the right lawyer. So much so that the constitution protects this right. However, in reality, an average Singaporean can find it quite expensive to hire a lawyer. In a number of cases, it takes a lot of time to look for a ‘budget’ legal man.

The Problem And The Solution

Quite unlike the UK, Singapore has no provision for a conditional fee agreement. That is to say, you are not likely to hire a lawyer who would take your case and ask for payment only after winning the case. This leaves you with two options.

  • Represent yourself in court. However, it is imperative that you know the laws of the land meticulously. Otherwise, there might be a remote chance to justify yourself.
  • Get help from pro-bono lawyer Singapore. In other words, look for lawyers who would voluntarily take in your case for free.

Knowing Your Lawyer

A number of accomplished, practicing, and registered lawyers offer pro-bono services to a handful of help-seekers. And while offering their free service, they can also offer paid consultations to the other clients. However, it hardly affects the quality of service to the clients that they are serving voluntarily.

Why Pro Bono Service

Most of the legal firms in Singapore have their team of enthusiastic pro bono lawyer Singapore. So you might simply need to look for a firm that presently has pro-bono lawyers available. This service is always available because:

  1. The junior lawyers take in these cases to gain valuable professional experiences.
  2. Even the seasoned professionals offer this service to certain people. This is owing to their professional commitment to their values, such as bringing injustice to all.
  3. In 2007, the Singapore Law Society has directed pro-bono services for all practicing professionals. This makes offering 25 hours of voluntary service compulsory for legal practitioners.

Types Of Service You Get

You can get lawyers for almost all types of legal disputes. This includes criminal cases, domestic cases, consumer complaints, cybercrime, and many more. However, most of the professional law firms employ a ‘budgeted’ resource and time for such cases. However, if your case is truly unique, intriguing, or needs more time, then your lawyers would happily make an exception.