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What to Do If You Need a Freehold NJ Criminal Lawyer

Finding the right criminal lawyer to defend you can be challenging. It can 

be particularly difficult for someone who has never been charged with an 

offense previously. A wide array of qualities often come to mind by 

someone arrested for a crime or serious motor vehicle violation. This is 

probably the scenario that is confronting you if you are searching for 

someone to represent you in Freehold New Jersey. The honest truth is 

that you will have to do as much research as possible so that you don’t 

make a decision you will regret. 

To make the process easy for you, we will be sharing a few tips about 

what you need to look for if you need a freehold New Jersey criminal 


Referrals are usually the best 

If you log on to the internet now and search for freehold lawyers, you will 

see a lot of law firms and lawyers come up in your search with each 

claiming to be the best since sliced bread. However, not all of them will 

help fill your legal needs. Therefore, you have to be careful when hiring 

through an internet search. However, one strategy that is a lot more 

reliable and effective is the use of referrals. 

Try to secure as many Freehold lawyer referrals as you can and that is a 

step in the right direction. You should carefully go through this list of 

referrals to identify the ones that suit your specific legal needs apart from 

those that don’t. 

Experience in your legal matter is what matters 

While you go through the referrals, make sure you focus on the 

experience that the lawyers have. Even when you are meeting a Freehold 

lawyer, emphasize this as well. However, more important is the fact that 

their experience is in your type of legal matter. Their background must be 

compatible with the issue you are dealing with. You should also try to 

know how long have they have been doing that particular aspect of law. 

Track record is key to good services 

You must also ascertain how successful they have been in all the cases 

they have previously handled as this is going tell if they have the 

necessary skills to handle your case. If there is any way to get reviews 

from their past clients, try to do that to determine the level of capability of 

the lawyer you want to hire. 

Learn more about their fees and how they are structured 

You need to know how much their representation fees are and then 

compare them with the other options you have. Note that a higher fee 

isn’t necessarily an indication of a more qualified attorney. In the same 

vein, if the fee is ridiculously low, it might be a red flag as to how 

incompetent and inexperienced the lawyer is. 

Don’t neglect malpractice insurance 

Lastly, you need to determine if they carry malpractice insurance and how 

much it is. You also need to know if the lawyer will be working with 

another lawyer or professional on your and how much their rates are. 

Once you have established these facts, getting a good Freehold lawyer 

based in New Jersey will be an easy exercise for you. 

Do you still need a Freehold lawyer in New Jersey? Contact the Law 

Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall to work with seasoned lawyers that can 

provide you with aggressive representations.

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