When To Get A Car Accident Lawyer?


If you were involved in a car accident, you might be thinking when the best time is to get a lawyer. It’s important to know if you need a car accident lawyer Fairfax VA because they can help provide you, legal counsel. They’ll also be able to identify the best approach with your current situation.

The first thing that comes to mind when getting a car accident lawyer is if there were any injuries sustained at the accident. However, there are other factors that you have to address before you pick up the phone to call a lawyer. Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind.


Self-representation is always an option. If you have experience in handling your own legal case in the past, then you won’t have any problems taking the self-representation route. However, you should be privy of the court proceedings and must be informed of your situation.

Using the knowledge that you have of your own accident is not enough. You must make sure that you know all the details that might become relevant to your case. Of course, you also have to take into consideration your well-being. If you were injured in the car accident, it’s better to contact a car accident lawyer Fairfax VA.

Injuries Sustained

If the injuries that you sustained after the car accident has rendered you unable to work, you should call a car accident lawyer immediately. Every day that you are deemed unfit to work is a day that’s preventing you from progressing professionally.

Even if you are getting compensation while you are absent from work, you are still losing out on many opportunities that you may be afforded had you been able to work. Because of the car accident that you were involved in, you are unable to take advantage of these, so you must inform a car accident lawyer of your predicament and how you ended there.

Clarity of the Case

Are you extremely confident that you are in the right with your case? Do you have all the evidence that can help you prove this matter? If you do, you might not need legal representation. If you are 100% sure that you will be able that the other party’s at fault, they might settle.

With a settlement, you don’t necessarily need to have a car accident lawyer. You can contact a lawyer, of course, to help you with the proceedings, but they don’t need to have primary experience in car accidents. Of course, you can still represent yourself.


When you become a part of a car accident, you should know what extent. Were there multiple people that were injured? You might not have to contact a car accident lawyer Fairfax VA because one of those that have been injured might already be in the process of building a case with theirs.

Because of double jeopardy, a person can’t be taken to court for the same case more than once. You’ll have a better chance of winning as a group in that particular situation.

A car accident lawyer Fairfax VA can save you from bigger headaches. At Bolger Law Firm, we are ready to help. Contact us today!