Injured on the Job? Here’s What to Do Next


There were 2.8 million workplace injuries in 2019. That accounts for 2.8 injuries per 100 full-time workers. 

It’s unknown how many of these injuries required time off from work or how many people received worker’s compensation insurance for their injury.

Even though the odds are slim to get injured on the job, you should know what steps to take. These steps you take after an injury impact your ability to get your claim approved.

What should you do to protect your rights if you’re injured while on the job?

Keep reading to find out.

  1. Take Care of the Injury

You need to look out for yourself first. If your injury is a cut or burn, you need to apply first-aid immediately. Other issues like a sprain should also be treated.

Every workplace has to have a person designated to give first aid. Be sure to see this person immediately after the injury. You should have some paper trail of your visit for first-aid treatment. Make sure you get this for your records.

  1. Report the Injury

You do need to report the injury to your employer. Your state has a statute of limitations law that says how long you have to report the injury to your employer and file a worker’s compensation claim.

Some states require you to report the injury immediately or within just a few days. Even if you think that your injury isn’t serious, report it.

  1. See a Doctor

Your employer may ask you to see a doctor to examine your injury. If they ask you to see one of their specialists, consider that a red flag.

You have a choice as to who to see. You may want to see a doctor that is familiar with workers’ compensation claims.

  1. Document as Much as Possible

In the worker’s compensation claim, you need to prove that your injury is a direct result of a workplace incident. The more documentation you have to back up your claim, the better.

Take pictures, detailed notes, and keep all records related to your injury.

  1. Get an Attorney Involved

Yes, you want to get a worker’s compensation attorney involved early on. Most people wait until a claim is denied by the insurance company.

By getting an attorney involved early, you ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. There are attorneys that specialize in personal injury and workers compensation claims.

The law firm that you choose should have experience in these cases. Check out the websites of firms in your area and read the testimonials from past clients. A site like is a great example.

Injured on the Job? Follow These Steps

If you get injured on the job, it’s important to maintain your composure and follow the procedure to protect your rights.

One mistake could result in a denied claim. You have to make sure that you report the injury immediately and document every aspect of your injury.

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