5 Most Common Personal Injury Accidents


There are a million probabilities of incurring accidents. It also applies to your work, and of course, in your daily life, a small mistake by the other party could cause a massive loss to another. Personal Injury is something that all of us should be aware of. It is the law which allows victims of negligence to ask for compensation for their unfortunate predicament. Today, you are going to learn about the five most common personal injuries that you are more likely to experience.

Car Accidents

Many variables might cause a car crash, from DWI all to even a phone. In all honesty, there are still a majority of people who are careless and overconfident in their skills behind the wheel. But as this list goes, a lot of accidents are caused by cars and their drivers. It could be that somebody passed the red light, or refuse to follow the traffic law entirely. It may result in a lot of damages and if worse, death. Jerry Trevino, a personal injury lawyer, states that almost 60% of his cases was due to reckless driving.

Defamation: Libel or Slander

Defamation is a case for which there are no physical damages but is hurt from other aspects of your life like reputation, business, and or even work. Being stabbed and talked about is something most people should shrug off, but when it starts to affect how people look and feel around you, then that is when you start calling the proper lawyers for a case. A battle that you should always fight is when you are losing your livelihood over a rumor.

Slip and Fall

Negligence from the property owner causes one of the most common types of injury. When you go to a mall and encounter an accident because a janitor forgot to put warning signs on a wet floor, or even meet a severe accident with the establishment’s elevator or even escalator, the property will always be the one that is responsible for any accidents incurred in his establishment.

Dog Bites

When you look for dog bites on the internet, there is a comment that always stands out “It’s the owners that are at fault.” Yes, it is true, dogs are adjustable creatures that act on how their owners trained them to. It might be the result of training or negligence that causes the dog to act irrationally. However, when you suffer an excruciating experience with another person ’s dog, it is fair enough that the owner gets full responsibility in compensating you accordingly.

Medical Malpractice

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when doctors could not help you with severe cases. But some medical practitioners developed unpleasant mannerisms that make their operations uncertain. It is a matter of concern because whenever they hold a scalpel, there is always life on the line. So malpractice is a case where your life is put to danger when you are at the hands of medical personnel.

There are so many more at the list of cases where personal injury is allowed but here are some that will give you the general idea of how people handle cases.