A Information About US immigration


Are you planning to immigrate to the US? If yes then this article will be very helpful for you as we are going to discuss some of the top tips for making your immigration process successful and smooth. Before we get into how to make your immigration process smooth, you need to understand the different types of immigration that the US immigration law permits. There are 4 main categories of immigration allowed by the US- skilled professional category, refugee, family unity and population diversity. While all the 4 categories are distinctly different from each other, you need to have absolute clarity on the category under which you are applying. Skilled professional is the single largest category but it is also the trickiest category for migrating to the US because the ratio of applicants to accept is most skewed in this category.

Once you have clarity on the category, you need to start the process. Hiring a good legal counsel such as the immigration attorney Rebecca I Pathak can prove to be the game wining strategy for you. US immigration law is extremely complex and that makes it almost impossible to understand and comprehend by you. An attorney will not only be helpful in guiding you through the process but also in doing the paperwork. Let us warn you beforehand that immigration process is full of paperwork.

There are two stages of the process- pre immigration and post immigration. Pre immigration is full of paper work and post immigration is full of personal appearances. Both the stages needs to be done carefully and any lacuna may lead you into trouble. The immigration attorney is even more helpful if any issues comes up with your immigration at a later stage. It is not very uncommon for issues to come up at a later stage. Your immigration status depends a lot on the kind of activities you are engaged into after migrating to the US. While the law of US invites and welcomes people to diverse set of activities such as educational, medical, professional and even recreational, it has certain pre-conditions associated with each of the activity. For example, if you are coming to the US for study then you come on a certain type of visa which is nothing but a set of preconditions. You must satisfy all the pre-conditions very carefully if you want no problem to arise with your immigration status.