Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Solicitor


No matter what legal issues await you in the future, it is always best to be prepared by finding the right solicitor to help you out when you need legal advice for whatever reason.

However, with so many different solicitors and practices out there, how do you find the right people to represent you?

If this is a concern of yours then fear not, as we have put together this list of five things to consider when choosing a solicitor, to help you make the right choice.


The thing that dictates everything else should also be your first point of consideration in finding a solicitor.

There is a massive range of different solicitors available, ranging from the reasonable to the astronomical, so consider the budget you are willing to spend before committing to anything you can’t afford.

It is also worth doing your homework on a number of potential solicitors and their payment methods, because there is a wide range of different methods adopted in the industry.

Some operate on an hourly rate, while others (accident and PPI mostly) work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.


While it seems a little obvious, legal representation is something you don’t really want to take for granted.

Once you find a number of solicitors you might be interested in, it is more than worth checking out their legal credentials.

Even before you approach them to ask for proof of their credentials, why not check out the Legal 500, which is an independent guide to the law firms in the UK.


This a popular reason as to why people choose the solicitors they do, and while it makes plenty of sense, it is still quite risky.

Plenty of people turn to friends and family for advice in situations such as this, and of course there is good reason for this.

If you have seen someone close to you go through a legal issue and come out of it well, the is a good chance you’ll want to quiz them about their solicitor and how well they worked together to achieve their goals.

While this is a good option, it should never be used entirely on its own to find a solicitor, because there are so many more variables that come into play other than “my friends say they are good”.

Specialist Law

While a solicitor’s practice should be able to help you with most things, a high percentage of them specialise in a certain area of law.

What this means is if you have a particular issue, let’s say difficult divorce proceedings, there will be solicitors which whilst being able to help you with anything, have particular expertise in divorce law.

For example, OM&M Law, a solicitor’s practice based in the UK can indeed help you tackle any legal issue. However, their site also specifies that they specialise in Medical Negligence and Personal Injuries.


Before you agree to sign anything, you should always arrange for at least one face to face meeting with the solicitor you’ll be dealing with. Thankfully most solicitors will offer an initial free consultation.

Having at least a comfortable working relationship with your solicitor is very important because you will discuss very personal information with them.

You will also depend on them to provide you with the best possible legal representation, so if you feel they can’t offer that, it’s worth looking elsewhere.

Choosing a solicitor can be a very difficult decision, so hopefully reading through these five tips will help guide you to making the best decision for you no matter your situation.