Have you ever wondered that what if you are wrongfully accused of a crime that you did not do? Of course, you have seen a person sentenced to life imprisonment or sentenced to death that he or she strongly deny, that could be anyone’s worst nightmare, right? So, have you ever thought of hiring a criminal lawyer just in case that you might find yourself at the opposite side of the law? Before you think about these things, you should ask these important questions to a criminal lawyer first before you decide to hire one if ever.

If you are wrongfully accused, time is not on your side, still, you want to hire the best lawyer out there, and you want a lawyer who has a good credential in handling criminal cases just like yours, and after getting a list of prospect criminal lawyers that you may hire, try to talk to them one-by-one, prepare a checkbox in every question that you ask them.

This is important considering that this will determine your fate. The verdict of the judge will tremendously change your life either positively or negatively and following these steps will surely help enhance your chances of winning a case.

·         ASK THEIR BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE- This is an important aspect in landing a reliable and well-experienced criminal lawyer because they will be the ones who will be facing the jury, the judge, and the accuser. Remember that winning a case and facing a trial takes a long and uphill battle with a lot of uncertainties. Also, checking their background will tell you where they specialize when it comes to handling cases. If you are charged with driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, you are not required to hire a criminal lawyer who specializes in defending murder and homicide suspects. You should ask them what law school they attended to, and when did they graduate, and what kind of law they practiced in.

·         ASK THEM FOR INITIAL ASSESSMENT OF YOUR CASE- You should have an initial assessment of your case. Ask them what are your options legally, what are the best recommendations that he or she can give you. Ask them if you should file a guilty plea, a plea agreement, or a trial, and what are the favorable aspects of your case that he or she can work on. And what are the obstacles that might arise during the trial? According to a trusted New York criminal attorney, having an initial assessment on your case from your attorney can give you more time to use options to counter the allegations and the pieces of evidence of the opposite party.

·         ASK THEM HOW WILL THEY MANAGE YOUR CASE- Case management is a term used by lawyers in describing the logistics of the case. It is important to know what is going on behind the operations of your legal team so that everything will be clear and understandable for both of you and your attorney.

·         ASK THEM HOW MUCH IS THEIR LEGAL FEE- Majority of criminal lawyers ask for an hourly fee to their clients, or just simply ask you for a flat fee, and these rates can be very competitive that is why you should ask as many criminal lawyers as you can. However, it is proven that the established and well-known criminal lawyers charge more, but it is really up to you, which one you should choose.