How To Determine If You Really Need A Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

The average American files a case related to a car accident every 17 years or so. This figure might not look so bad when you consider the fact that most of the motorists drive their car regularly for over half a century. In other words, you can expect to be involved in at least two or three car accidents in total before you can hang up your car key. In such a case, here is how to determine whether you really need a car accident lawyer.

Property damage

It does not really matter whose fault the entire accident was. If no one has been hurt in the accident, then you should be able to solve the problem quickly. The insurance adjuster on the side of the opposition party will offer you only the same amount an attorney would offer you in such cases. In such a situation, you may not be required to call an accident attorney for help. Otherwise, if there has been some property damage or injury, you should click here to know how to find help in your case.

Minor injury case

A minor injury is a situation from which you would be able to recover within a few days as per the law. Moreover, it is something that involves a figure less than US$1,000 in medical bills. Such an accident involves contusions, scrapes, and cuts. They may also force the person injured in the accident to miss a day or two of work. However, they would not need to miss more work than that. In such a case, it would normally not be necessary to involve a lawyer since the settlement will hardly cover their expenses.

Car Accident Lawyer

Major injury case

In case the damage is significant, you would need to contact a lawyer since you may require missing more than just a few days of work. Whiplash, broken bones, head trauma or joint damage are very common in major injury cases. Particularly since the risk of permanent damage to the individual who is injured is high, you would need to involve an accident lawyer.When a person who is involved in a collision with another car holds an insurance policy, he or she will try to settle the claims before a lawyer can arrive. These providers will generally try to offer you low settlements at first, which if accepted can prevent the need for a future lawsuit. However, if the amount is not accepted and is not fair enough to you, then you would need to involve a lawyer.

Get your expenses covered

In case you feel that the amount that has been offered by the other party who was responsible for the accident is not fair, then you would need to involve one of the SDC accident pros, who can help you negotiate a fair amount. This will not only help you settle your expenses but also your medical bills. You should not simply accept a low-ball settlement offer from the other party since it will never be enough for you to make up for the loss that you incurred by not going to work for more than a week.