How to File a Car Accident Report in Michigan


If you have been in a vehicle accident, you should right away submit a report to your insurer. Accidents have been increasing however some individuals do not have adequate knowledge on the best ways to handle these cases the proper way. You might have encountered a mishap or you may simply be part of the accident. In either case, you need to understand exactly what to do after the accident has actually happened. Elia & Ponto is one of the leading Michigan car accident law firms with staff ready to help you now!

If you saw a car mishap, the very first thing you must do is to seek help for the hurt. After the ambulance has actually gotten here or emergency treatment has actually been supplied, you must call the authorities and state what happened. You need to respond to all concerns provided by the policeman. Make sure that your responses are proper because the details provided are composed on a report, which will be used for examining the case. All information offered to the policeman need to be accurate so that the fault will not be utilized against you.

In making a report, ensure that you don’t change your statements after every court case or investigation. The law enforcement officer may ask you concerns about the case consistently. Make sure that you don’t alter your declarations due to the fact that it will not match with the previous story. You can do this simply by telling the fact. Elia & Ponto can help you file a Michigan car accident claim in 2018 or 2019.

Also ensure that you don’t neglect any details.

If a police officer is not present, you can take down important information yourself so you will not forget it later on. When the police officer is present, you can present your notes and report and he will even more examine. In making your report, you need to include the specific time, location, location, position and you can likewise request for witnesses to support the mishap scene.

People in the mishap area might be really curious about exactly what took place. If they ask for information, you should not share it with them especially your notes. You must first present it to the authorities so that the info is safe. If you spread the details, there may be unreliable reports and some individuals might distribute incorrect details which will make the case confusing.

Make certain that you stay on the scene after the accident has happened. If you leave the scene, there may be complications that will make the case extremely confusing. If you have actually been involved in a hit and run, try and come down the license number of the other vehicle. Speak with a Michigan car accident attorney at Elia & Ponto.

If you have an electronic camera with you or a video camera cell phone, take some photos of the mishap. This can supply strong evidence and proof which can be really useful.

If you have a car accident, you have to understand how to deal with it so you can make a report totally and have all needed information for both the authorities and your insurance provider.