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A lawyer is a person who act as an attorney, counselor and who practices law. Its working involves application of theories which has to be legal and knowledge to solve the problems of individual cases. In the United Nations, lawyer term refers to attorneys. Attorneys may practice law. American lawyer covers lawyers of legal business, lawyers of law firms etc.
Law is a set of rules made by nation’s government, any religion or country and these laws are made to provide justice to the society by removing fallacious crimes. Laws and regulations are made to guide the society against the wrong and right. The people who interpret these laws, regulations and duties are called lawyers.

The case can be decided in the court if the society has any problem or issue against the individual. These cases in the law court are the best way to prevent nation from the fight amongst citizens. So if individual have any issue related to anything they can hire an experience lawyer or attorney to safeguard their interests.

Criminal law relates to crime. It varies from civil laws. Civil laws main focus on compensation of victims and their dispute resolution where as main focus of criminal laws are on punishment only. These laws cover issues like issues of property, issues of safety and health and overall welfare of the society. Jeff Mass lawyer is a criminal lawyer and provides justice on the matters like theft, drug and weapon offences, murder and sexual assault. Criminal has three components which are substantive law, criminal evidence and criminal procedure. Substantive law covers general principals like types of crimes, defenses against crimes. Criminal evidence is when responsibility is distributed on the basis of criteria like relevance of crime and its credibility. Trial procedures and sentence related to punishment covers under criminal procedure.

Some of the other important areas in which lawyer practice are environmental law, bankruptcy law, health care law, employment and labor law. Environmental law also called as green law and it is a law that covers the problems like waste materials, air quality, biodiversity etc. Attorneys of green laws are increasing regularly because now environmental issue is a huge and global issue. Bankruptcy law is a law in which attorney practice in the area of unemployment. Many people these days are unable to pay their installments and debts because of their less or no income. This is the major trouble these days and to be solved by professional legal attorneys.

Employment law includes cases of race, discrimination, sex, employment litigation and also the problems related to employees’ relationships like from their hiring to termination. To understand and provide protection to your employees, hire the best employment law firm NYC to make sure that your business will not violate any rights to your employees and to avoid future problems. Recession, economy downsizing, increase of government taxes and decreasing job trends enlarge the need for employment cases. Health care law basically treats those elements that can affect the health of individuals which further includes health care specialties, health care centers, and health protection agencies and so on. Here, main issues are case against Health Insurance Company, their unlawful practices and procedures.

Civil litigation looks for one section of criminal laws like for cash damage. In civil litigation attorney should have specialize in this specific field. Robbie is a member of law society in Canada and a respected criminal lawyer. Jeff Mass and Robbie Tsang Toronto has one of the best experienced criminal defense lawyers. Their lawyers defended successfully against the cases like assault, drug and offences related to gun. They also deal in health care cases like careless driving cases, speeding and no insurance cases. For additional information about avoiding litigation, visit this website: