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Medical Negligence Lawyers

The most important personal asset that we treasure is our health. We do everything to preserve and enhance it. This is the reason why we are very disappointed when we meet professional health providers who fail us in our quest for a long life and s robust health.

Malpractice happens when there is incompetence or negligence on the part of a professional to whom we entrusted our lives and our health. That personal trust we gave to another human being was destroyed and unfortunately, we have to seek retribution .We need the seasoned medical negligence lawyers Sydney to handle our negligence claim.

Medical Negligence Lawyers

Most Common Causes for Medical Malpractice Cases:

  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Wrong prescription of drugs
  • Unnecessary procedure or treatment
  • Wrong Implementation of procedure or treatment
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Patient’s death

Whom to sue- as advised by medical negligence lawyers Sydney

  • The Health Institution- Hospital, Nursing Home, Medical Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Company.
  • The Health Professional- the Doctor, Dentist, Physical Therapist, Nurses, Pharmacist.

Factors to consider before you hire medical negligence lawyers Sydney:

  • The cost of medical litigation- The court case will be a great risk on your finances as there is no guarantee on its result. Almost half of medical malpractice cases don’t end up in settlement.
  • Strong evidence -.You need a neutral health professional witness to provide this..
  • The right person to sue- Some doctors are independent from the hospital where they practice their profession. For harmful medicines, sue the pharmaceutical company.. Seek advice from medical negligence lawyers Sydney.
  • Your emotional health- The sessions will surely let you relive the unpleasant experiences many times and this would need a lot of emotional control on your part. It would be a long battle, and while you’re at it, other health workers will treat you differently because you sued one of them.
  • Your lawyer- This is a specialization for which our lawyers at Schofield King are well-prepared for. They have handled numerous cases on medical litigations with a high percentage of success. Our medical negligence lawyers Sydney welcome the clients from the city and the nearby cities.
  • When to sue- Filing of cases for medical litigation must be done within a time frame specified by the laws of a given country or city. This is the job of your medical negligence lawyers Sydney..

Elements need for a Medical Negligence Lawsuit:

  • Patient-doctor relationship- The patient hired the doctor
  • The medical standard of care- Was there neglect or abuse?
  • The connection between the harm suffered by the patient to the actions or inaction of the medical practitioner.
  • The monetary estimate of the damages suffered by the patient.- expenses incurred and loss of capacity to work.

The medical negligence lawyers Sydney will give their free professional advice so that you will know if your negligence claim will has a fair chance for a settlement. Though this type of litigation is known to be harder to win than others, they will work hard to make your case successful. The No win-No fee payment scheme of our company is a back-up guarantee for your negligence claim.