Motorcycle Drivers At Risk For Motorcycle Accident Law Claims

Motorcycle accident

A motorcycle driver finds himself in a unique situation each and every time he or she gets on their bike. They each get to enjoy the freedom and openness of the road while accepting the fact that at some point in time they will end up in some type of motorcycle accident. When it does happen, you want to know that a motorcycle accident law attorney can help you to win your case. This little bit of information will help you when you are involved in an accident.


A driver of a motorcycle is 26 more times likely to be in an accident where they lose their life. This is compared to drivers and passengers of vehicles such as SUV’s, cars and pedestrians.

Motorcycle accident

Since the year 1999, drivers of cars and trucks has steadily declined whereas drivers of motorcycles has continued to rise or stay steady.

Road hazards are also a small problem that plays a vital role in motorcycle accidents. When it comes to road hazards, one thing that can really cause a motorcycle to crash is oil spots or potholes. Either of these things can cause the biker to lose control of his vehicle while running off of the side of the road or into another vehicle.

Speeding Accidents are number one cause for drivers to lose control of their bike. The biker may have noticed a wobble with their bike prior to losing control of their bike. If you notice there is a wobble in the bike, you should take it in for an alignment to align the front tire and back tire. When you speed you are already going too fast for the bike on top of the wobble of the tires, you are more likely to experience an accident.


There is always the off chance that a biker experiences an accident due to a defect in a bike. This can be caused by a defect in design, a failure of a part on the bike or simply poor assembly. If there is a defect in the bike that was caused by the company, if there is an accident, the company who made the bike is held responsible for that accident. A motorcycle accident law attorney can fight this battle for you and win as long as you do not admit to any fault in the accident that is.

Getting Help

In order to be able to have help with your motorcycle case, you first must find an attorney who is able to go into a court room or deal with insurance companies firsthand and know the law. There are complex rules to driving a motorcycle and that is why it is so important that the right attorney know what he or she is dealing with. The right attorney will help to ensure that you are not held responsible for an accident that was not due to your own fault. The person who is responsible for the accident should be the one paying for all costs associated with the accident from loss of wages to pain and suffering and more.