Two Smart Ways to Quickly Find Clients


The fastest way to revenue wins. In the lean startup community, everything builds on the quick generation of revenue by way of hitting a customers demand right from the start. No product is designed that is not already validated by extensive customer interviews and diligent research.

Many companies that are newly founded, especially in the high paying service business, coaching and consulting where you don’t have a local but just an office, struggle with finding that first set of clients. This article will teach you how I started out with BrainHive and also I will talk about some other good ideas out there.

Gain Clients Advice One: Without References, Prove Capacity Through Other Means

It does not matter if you are using a crowd sourcing site such as up work or five or are you are completely running your own show. You will have the possibility to prove through certifications, volunteering work, showpieces created during your studies or through the endorsements of people that are close to you that you actually exist and are doing what you say you are doing. Sometimes, all a person wants to see is just that little speck of evidence that you have the personality of a professional. The people that want to hire you will hire you, even without a perfect track record. But it will make it that much easier to push them over the edge of hiring you if you can give them something to build their confidence in you.

Find Clients

Gain Clients Advice Two: Show Your Face Often and Everywhere

The perks of being visible are not only valid for the performance of your content on the Internet. I advise you as an entrepreneur to be someone who likes to go out and meet new people. Go to the trade fairs, the markets, networking events, parties, seminars and congresses. Hell, maybe you should go to the park and ask random people if they want to play frisbee with you. As an entrepreneur, you have way better cards if you are a connector, approaching people proactively and coming off as a person with extremely high social intelligence. You will find that many people out there will buy from a pretty face and a steady voice. Learn to be charming, and be shameless with your charm without becoming a salesman-salesman.

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