When Guardianship Are Set Up and When They End


Guardianship is a legal relationship that is court supervised and is set-up for the protection and the benefit of another who is known as the “ward”. After appointment guardians are accountable for the property and personal interest of the ward. Guardianships are usually for children when their parents can no longer care for them or for persons older than 18 years old who are acknowledgedto be physically or mentally incapacitated.

Attorney to help

A guardianship attorney Brandon can help those who are trying to become guardians. It does matter the kind of guardianship, they will be sure that the person attempting to be a guardian has the correct paperwork and fulfils court credentials. This includes being at court for dates that are important, to be a support of the petitioner in court and eventually assist the petitioner to spread their goal of guardianship.

Types of guardianships

These are the types of guardianships:

  • Limited guardianship – often the court mightmake the decision that the ward is not capable of being responsible for all decisions concerning their care. For decisions where the individual might not be able to make sound judgement, a court willname a limited guardian or guardian advocate to help in making decisions;
  • Co-guardianship – when 2 guardians are selected to guard the best interests of the ward. This is often done to ensure that neither guardian can abuse their powers;
  • Guardian of property – this guardian is primarily concerned with managing or enough monetary resources to care for the ward;
  • Guardian ad litem – this is a guardian who was appointed by the Court to manage and protectthe interest of the ward in any legal matters that affect them directly.

When it ends

A guardianship normally lasts until one of these events happens:

  • The ward dies;
  • The child becomes legal age (normally 18 years old);
  • The ward’s financial assets are used up (only when the guardianship was solely set up to handle the ward’s finances).
  • A judge governs a guardianship isnot need any longer;
  • Guardian petitions to court to resign;
  • Ward’s biological parents successful petition court to end guardianship.

It is advised that when a guardianship needs to be set up that an attorney takes care of this issue for those involved.