Why Are Legal Professionals Important in Our Society?


It’s trendy to call out lawyers for being greedy, but the truth is much more profound than this. Our system of justice is based on laws that were founded in the ancient Middle East. These were a set of codified laws that first introduced the concept of consistent and organised laws to society. Even though these early laws may seem draconian by our modern standards, the very concept of codifying a set of laws that dispensed justice in a fair and consistent way was a significant development in civil society, and indeed helped form the blueprint for our own system of justice.


Personal Injury

Take the area of personal injury law, for example. We would all consider it important for any justice system to address the imbalance between the victim of abuse, neglect, or reckless actions, and the perpetrator who walks away unharmed. For someone in a car accident that was not their fault, for instance, the idea that they could spend the remainder of their life seeking medical treatment without fair compensation would seem absurd.

Personal injury solicitors in Twickenham will seek to win far and just compensation for their clients so that they can return to as normal a life as possible. They may not be able to go back in time and prevent the accident from ever happening, but the monetary compensation may go some small way toward restoring balance and helping the victim of an unfair situation to pay for ongoing medical bills, physical therapy, and counselling. For people in this position, the intervention of a qualified solicitor can mean a better life!

Employment Law

The expertise and knowledge of the legal profession is also much needed in employment law. It is not uncommon for employees to face the following issues at work:

  • Discrimination based on gender, appearance, pregnancy, or sexuality
  • Contract negotiations that are complex
  • Unfair dismissal and termination of employment
  • Health and safety concerns in the workplace
  • Issues regarding parental leave rights

The central issue is that many employers can simply get away with unfair treatment of their employees, especially those who employ immigrants and those who speak very little English. Everyone deserves the right to be treated fairly in the workplace, and it is the job of legal professionals to ensure that employee rights are upheld.

Solicitors who specialise in employment law are also of great value to employers. Negotiating complex contracts, seeking advice about the rights of their employees, and getting clarification regarding potential terminations are all intricate matters.

Enforcing a Fair and Just Society

Despite the attitude that many hold when it comes to legal professionals in our society, the truth is that ensuring that everyone has the right to fair treatment under the law is essential to the correct functioning of any modern civil society. Whether you need a solicitor for a case of unfair work dismissal, for a crime committed against you, or for a divorce, there are many legal firms that specialise in each of these areas.