You Could Deserve Compensation for your Long-Term Illness

accident claims

Most people are aware that if an accident at the workplace wasn’t your fault, you’re entitled to receive compensation. The most obvious reasons that people think of consist of factors such as faulty machinery, lack of safety equipment and hazardous environments. These are causes for accidents that are clearly your employers fault.

A lot of people may also know that spills and slips on the floor, lack of or inadequate training and even a workmates mistake is also the responsibility of your employer. All factors mentioned so far are more than adequate reasons to justify seeking compensation. It may not seem like your employer is to blame, but it is their responsibility to do everything they can to provide you with a safe working environment.

There are, however, a lot of injuries that you might not have considered to be your employers fault. If you’ve worked in an industrial environment, you may have been subject to repetitive muscle straining tasks or surrounded daily by noisy equipment. Don’t allow industrial accident claims to be missed out. You can easily contact companies such as UK Claim Lawyers to find out quickly whether you could be eligible.

Asbestos related conditions

These conditions can be life changing or life threatening and you might never have realised it was a result of your workplace. However, many people suffer from asbestos related diseases as a direct result of working in an unsafe and badly-maintained work environment. You deserve to be compensated if your workplace resulted in what is often a life-long illness, so you should ask professional lawyers to help get the money you’re owed. Asbestos related conditions include:

  • Benign disease: pleural plaques, pleural thickening, benign pleural effusions
  • Interstitial lung disease: asbestosis
  • Malignant disease: particularly mesotheliomaand lung cancer

If your doctor can confirm you’re suffering from any of the above, you might deserve compensation.

accident claims

Deafness and Tinnitus

Even if not life-threatening, these illnesses will affect your quality of life. You may think that your condition is just pure chance, things that happen to many people that simply cannot be helped or prevented. However, maybe the cause is working in a noisy environment without proper protection. If you worked around heavy machinery all day or in the vicinity of loud equipment, your ears will have no doubt have suffered some damage, potentially serious damage that has caused your illness. If you weren’t supplied with ear protection or even warned about the risks of your work, you could be owed compensation.

The bottom line is, it’s difficult to know what caused diseases that may affect the rest of your life. It could be bad luck or it could be because your employer didn’t make the necessary precautions to protect your health. If you feel it could be the fault of your employer, it’s vital that you look for UK Claim Lawyers to help you get the compensation you deserve. With many lawyers operating on a no win no fee basis, you should get the money you’re owed if your injury was your employers fault.A