10 steps to take after a car crash in Las Vegas

car crash

Las Vegas continues to enthrall visitors and residents alike. However, the city is also a hotbed for car crashes and traffic mishaps. If you ever end up in an accident (we hope not!), you need to be aware of the immediate steps that you need to talk. It also makes sense to talk to a Las Vegas car accident lawyer to understand the scope of filing an injury claim. Here are some quick pointers to follow after the mishap.

  1. STOP immediately. Do not flee or assume that you don’t need to stop. Just check whether you are blocking the incoming traffic and get your car to the side of the road.
  2. Call the police. Inform the local law enforcement and remain at the scene. You can expect an officer to investigate the accident.
  3. Call 911. If someone is injured or when you need emergency care, call 911 immediately. Do not ignore your injuries because you may not feel as much pain right away.
  4. Note down the details. Write down the details of other involved parties, including name, address, phone number, license number, and insurance information.
  5. Don’t accuse the other party. Expectedly, you may feel angry because the other driver was at fault, but avoid arguments at the scene.
  6. Do not admit you are wrong. Even if you were partly liable for causing the crash, avoid saying that to anyone, including the police.
  7. Consider filing a Traffic Crash Report. If you called the police, but no officer came to the scene, you should file the report if the accident resulted in injuries (to anyone) or when there’s significant property damage.
  8. Identify witnesses. Check if someone noticed the accidents. You can take down contact details of witnesses, who can be contacted later for testimonies.
  9. See a doctor. Even if you didn’t end up in the ER, you should consider seeing a doctor soon after the accident. Injuries after a crash may not be immediately apparent.
  10. Inform the insurance company. You should consider informing your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident.

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Call an attorney

Most accident lawyers in Vegas will happily offer free consultations, and you should look for a proficient injury lawyer with experience working for clients injured in car accidents. If the lawyer agrees to work on your case, they will not demand a fee until you win. The arrangement is also known as the contingency fee – a norm for personal injury lawsuits.