5 Most Common Reasons For A Car Crash In The UK

Car Crash In The UK

Every year tens of thousands of people are involved in a car crash in the UK. Most collisions result in minor injuries but hundreds either result in serious injuries or are fatal.

Knowing what the most common reasons are for such accidents can help you to become a better driver and minimise the chances of yourself being involved in a car crash. With that in mind, here are the 5 most common reasons for a car crash in the UK:

Car Crash In The UK

  1. Poor road conditions

The most common reason for car crashes in the UK is because of poor road conditions attributed to the weather and a lack of maintenance. Around 70 percent of all accidents are put down to the weather. In the winter months, aquaplaning and black ice cause the most accidents while in the spring and summer months it’s aquaplaning. Poor road maintenance is also a common cause of accidents, with potholes accounting for plenty of accidents.

  1. Reduced visibility

Fog, mist and even the sun’s glare are common causes of car crashes in the UK. This is the case all year round because no reason is immune. To minimise the chances of reduced visibility affecting you, always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car and always ensure that your headlights and fog lights are in full working order before setting off. This advice is recommended by UK Claim Lawyers (enquire here) to keep yourself safe.

  1. Driving too fast for the conditions

Speeding causes accidents, however driving too fast for the road conditions causes a lot more. Data compiled from 2005 – 2009 shows that 15.9 percent of all accidents on the road are caused by people going too fast for the conditions compared to 13.9 percent caused by illegal speeding. The advice offered to people who do this is to ignore maximum speed limits because they are created on the basis of the road conditions being perfect (dry and warm).

  1. Using mobile phones

It is illegal to use a mobile phone or any electrical device, including satellite navigation systems, while in control of a vehicle. And yet, every year tens of thousands of people are prosecuted for going just that and every year, thousands of accidents are caused by people using their phone while at the wheel; you can avoid becoming a statistic by simply turning your phone off for or putting your phone on silent and keeping it out of reach in your car.

  1. Taking risks

Takings risks on the road is a recipe for disaster and while we can all lose concentration and make mistakes, taking risks on purpose is plain stupid. For instance, overtaking a line of cars on a country road when you can’t see ahead fully could cause a serious accident and pulling out at a busy junction without checking properly could cause the same. The advice you should heed with regards to this is to be patient and take your time when making decisions.