The Best Lawyer Advice You’re Not Taking


Finding the right lawyer is difficult. There are a lot of lackluster lawyers to weed through in your hunt for the best one. And the plethora of well-meaning, yet inaccurate, advice out there makes finding the best lawyer even more difficult.

Below we break down the best advice on finding the right lawyer that you’re not taking.

Personal Referrals

The absolute best way to find the right lawyer is through referrals. Yet this is a piece of advice that all too many people overlook.

If you know anyone that’s hired a lawyer in the past, ask them if they’d recommend that lawyer. This is especially helpful if that person was in a similar legal position as you. For example, if you need a personal injury lawyer, it’s best to ask for referrals from those that had personal injury cases in the past.

Online Services and Directories

Turn to the Internet for help finding the best lawyer. There are a ton of websites out there that can help you connect with the right legal representation.

Some websites help you connect with local lawyers based on the specifics of your legal case. This cuts down on time spent ensuring each lawyer is experienced in the area of your claim. Other websites provide lawyer directories with profiles that include experience, education, fees, and areas of expertise.

Lawyer Referral Services

Using a lawyer referral service is hit or miss advice. Yet it’s something you should look into without placing too much weight on it.

A lawyer referral service is a service that helps point you in the direction of lawyers that handle your type of case. Lawyers that are a part of the service must meet a number of qualifications. It’s best to use a lawyer referral service that carefully screens each lawyer.

Find a Specialist

Perhaps the most ignored piece of great lawyer advice is to find a specialist. Instead, most people hire a general practitioner. Sure, these lawyers know a lot about the law, but they’re probably not particularly experienced in the area you need help with. So find a lawyer that specializes in your specific area of concern. For example, the experts at Chinn Law specialize in family law including marriage, divorce, and estate planning.

Use the advice above to help find the right lawyer. Though often ignored, this is the advice that will actually help you find the best lawyer for your particular legal problem.