Why a Lawyer with Significant Wins Matters


When it’s time to lawyer up, you need the best! Whether you’re facing legal charges, are filing a personal injury suit, are being sued, or are facing any other criminal or civil court action, having a winning lawyer on your side is key to your success. Success may be defined as winning, minimizing damages, or avoiding the most severe penalties. Whichever the case, you will benefit from having competent legal counsel with a successful track record as your legal representation. In nearly all legal matters, the stakes are simply too high to take a chance on a bargain bin barrister with a mediocre record of success.

If you’re facing criminal charges, such as a DUI, theft, fraud, or domestic violence, you’ll need an attorney who is understanding of the nature of the charges you face, previous experience with defendants facing these types of charges, and a record showing he or she has successfully been able to receive acquittals or at the very least mitigate the consequences if you are found guilty. A winning attorney will dig deep into the specifics of your case, looking for any means by which to seek dismissal or reduction of charges. Many lawyers will offer specific examples on their websites of winning cases where there have charges dismissed or reduced and penalties mitigated to the minimum possible. Look for an attorney that has a high percentage of success in these matters.

In the event that your seeking an attorney for a personal injury claim, most successful attorneys will work on a no win-no fee basis known as contingency, which means you won’t pay a fee for their services unless they win a settlement for you. A good lawyer will review all the facts of your case and determine if you have a case that will likely result in a settlement. A good attorney typically will not accept a case on contingency they feel they cannot win. A good attorney will be honest with you up front and let you know if indeed you do not have a good case. A personal injury attorney who requires a large up front fee may not have a good record of success with your type of case, but may shy away from advising you don’t have a good case. This is likely one you should avoid.

If someone has filed a civil suit against you, here again you need to look at the lawyer’s rate of success with civil suits similar to yours. A lawyer who has competently and effectively defended the same type of cases in the past can provide you with the best representation for your circumstances. Experienced successful lawyers know the law, your legal rights and responsibilities, and what strategies are most effective for your circumstances. When you are facing legal action, you cannot afford to leave your fate in the hands of anyone other than the best legal counsel available.