Santa Ana’s Pedestrian Accident Trends: A Personal Injury Lawyer’s Approach to increasing Safety

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Most fatal accidents include crashes of two or more automobiles. However, it is not uncommon in Santa Ana where pedestrians get injured in major crashes. While strolling on the sidewalk, queuing at a corner, getting mail across your driveway, or walking across the street, you or your loved one might have an unfortunate accident. If such an accident happens, you must immediately consult a personal injury lawyer Santa Ana, to explore your legal rights and choices for optimum compensation. A legal expert will help you seek the rightful compensation from the driver at fault and gather/ file all important documents, and pieces of evidence on your behalf. 

Reasons for Pedestrian-Automobile Collisions in Santa Ana

California is a beautiful state with the finest weather and various tourist destinations- enjoyed by many pedestrians all over the state. However, as more people use the roads, there has been a significant spike in pedestrian accidents.

2016 witnessed an 11% surge in pedestrian deaths nationwide. Every year more pedestrians die in car crashes. Many blame the increase in such fatal accidents on distracted drivers and the use of phones. Here are the most common cases of reckless driving leading to crashes-

  • Driving while on substance influence or under the influence of alcohol
  • Distracted driver
  • Weary/ fatigue/ drowsiness of the driver
  • Violation of the speed limit and traffic rules
  • Recklessness and not slowing down at the crossing signal

Right after the accident, it is not possible to sink into the surroundings and gather evidence for your case. People, in the trauma, have doubts. For example, it may have appeared that the driver was not exceeding the speed limit, or was not intoxicated. Alternatively, people often fail to recall whether they noticed headlights before the crash. Personal Injury Lawyer Santa Ana investigates and gathers information as soon as they are contacted and figures out what transpired before the crash and who is to be blamed. 

Things to Do Right After an Accident

Some vital measures need to be taken right after an accident which will help your attorney in the process. These measures will help you in filing your compensation claims with the insurance company as well as against the driver in court. Here is the advice from our legal experts for you- 

  • Immediately call the police. You must have an official report filed with the police at the scene of the accident.
  • Take photographs of yourself, the accident spot, any property damage, and your injuries. 
  • Exchange credentials with the driver. Request the driver’s name, phone number, and if possible, insurance information. 
  • Look around for witnesses. Try and get their names and contact details as well. 
  • Seek emergency medical care. Even if you feel alright, and injuries seem minor, consult a doctor right away. Rush to the emergency department, or to do the least, visit a reliable physician nearby. The medical records will additionally help you in negotiating compensation.
  • Last but not least, connect with an injury lawyer. Check the reviews and cases they have dealt with and choose the best lawyer for yourself. 

Need for Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The driver at fault might legally lack automobile insurance. The compensation you deserve may exceed the policy limit. Or there might be a situation where despite having sufficient insurance coverage, the insurer is unwilling to cooperate. If the insurer contests your claim, or attempts to severely reduce your compensation, your case won’t stand the ground. To safeguard your rights, you need an experienced and qualified lawyer, with extensive expertise in establishing pedestrian injury cases. Only a professional can help you in obtaining reasonable reimbursement. 

Such pedestrian accidents involve severe physical damage, hefty hospital bills, and the incapacity to resume work. You can not only get compensated for your medical bills, but also get monetary compensation for loss of work, and mental agony. The economic damages that a good attorney can help you recover, include:

  • Medical Bills: You have all the rights to claim compensation for your current as well as future medicine bills, consequent to the accident. An attorney can help you in getting reimbursed for long-term care expenses if you get any prolonged injury from the accident. 
  • Wage Loss Due to Physical Injury or Mental Agony: A severe pedestrian accident means prolonged bed rest, incapacity to work, and thereby loss of wage. In some cases, people even get persistent disability, failing to return to work. Only a well-experienced lawyer can assist you in calculating the expected future earnings and loss of current wage and help you file for the deserving compensation. 
  • All Kinds of Property Damage: A good attorney will also file for all kinds of property damage and recover repair and replacement costs of personal items. Often such claims are disregarded by the court. Only a lawyer with due expertise can assist you in this negotiation. 


Before consulting an insurer, or considering receiving any indemnification offer, you deserve to thoroughly understand the merits and weaknesses of your claim and its prospective value. Circumstantial evidence and other reports need good documentation to be able to constitute a strong case that you can win. Consult a personal injury lawyer to gift yourself the rightful compensation at the time of physical and mental trauma.