Get The Student Visa easily With best markham immigration lawyer – Ronen Kurzfeld


You are a bright student with a fantastic academic record throughout. You will want to pursue the career of your choice. If you know that the prospect of that particular career option is much more in some different country, then you will not hesitate to migrate there immediately. You want to study and work in the dream country. In the regular nations that have the highest number of students’ incoming for academic purposes, you need to have a student visa only if the course is for over six months. Your permit to stay in this country the day your visa expires.

Work and study

The markham immigration lawyer – Ronen Kurzfeld will explain to you that in that country, you can work simultaneously while studying. Most of the students grab some job to make some pocket money. Such an effective policy has certain limitations. If your course is a regular, full time one, you will get permission to work for long hours anywhere even outside the campus. But if you join a program on a part-time basis, you will not get permission to go outside the campus premises. You have to work on campus for only the designated hours.

Carry all necessary documents

When you apply as a student, you must possess all the required documental evidence. Your lawyer will provide you with the checklist. Verbal communication is not solid proof of your purpose of visit. You have first to show them the letter of the University that has a clear statement of acceptance of your application. Various bank statements are mandatory that will prove that you have sufficient fund to aid the complete course. The embassy will never want to have an immigrant student stuck in their country for lack of funds.

Know the procedure beforehand

You will be entering a whole new world with different traditions, dialects, and laws. What you need is a complete walk through the entire system to be an immigrant. The immigration law firm will be at your service regarding all small and big points. You can start learning the language of that country as directed by the attorney. Initially, you might be a bit baffled, but once you face the interview for immigration, you will realize that knowing their language adds an extra point to your case. You can successfully deliver the message that you ardently want to stay and learn in the fascinating environment of the respective country.