How to Find an Accident Lawyer?


If you have suffered from a major car accident, you would often find yourself having a hard time remembering everything that transpired before the accident. You would also find it hard to narrate the sequence of the events that led to the accident and thus fail to establish a stronger case for yourself. Moreover, the defense lawyer of the other party may even counteract and falsify your account of the story by telling a different narrative.

Car accident, for example, occurs for varied reasons: reasons like the car had a mechanical problem, manufacturer’s defect, and DUI driving. Hence, if you were a victim of an accident, you need to clearly establish the reason why the accident occurred. But if you are not cognizant of legal intricacies, you will surely find it hard to defend and establish your innocence. Hence, you would surely need an accident lawyer like those provided by Tario & Associates.

Here’s a quick guide on how to find the ideal accident lawyer:

  1. First, you should make a list of all potential lawyers that you can hire if it is your first time hiring a lawyer. To complete your list, you would need referrals from your relatives and friends. This is really the best way to find a lawyer within your area who is knowledgeable of your state laws and legal procedures. Moreover, you can also search online, and this would surely net you two or three law firms within your area that could provide you with a qualified accident lawyer.
  2. Trim down your list to those whose expertise covers the injury that you have. Laws on injury may be complicated and the ramifications of these laws pose a great challenge. There are lawyers, for example, who are expert in handling car wreck. There are also lawyers whose expertise is on medical malpractice. There are, however, some lawyers who have the facility in handling defamation cases. Hence, you should do a more thorough research. Check out your list and figure out the expertise of each lawyer in your lists. You can also give each law firm a call to figure out the types of cases that it usually handles.
  3. Check out the website of each firm and examine the details of the website. Check out also the review section of the website to find if there are any complaint against the firm or a particular associate of that firm. Review also the social media presence of the firm. Check out for patterns of reviews so that you can really get an overall insight into how the firm and their lawyers conduct their business. Examine also the verdict section to find if they have already handled similar cases as yours.
  4. Make an appointment with your prospective lawyers and meet with them. Ask your prospective lawyers about their contact number. Ask them also whether you would deal only with junior associate or paralegals. Before signing a retainer, ask them to let you meet this junior associate or paralegal associate. Lastly, you should ask them about their fee schedule and other concomitant expenses.