Signs Your Marriage Won’t Last

Newlywed couple arguing in car

There has been a recent increase in the numbers of divorce cases the world over. Every country, city, and town is affected, Toronto being no exception. This has caused a certain sense of uneasiness in most couples looking to get married. As such, back in 2011, Statistics Canada stopped providing Toronto and other city divorce rates. While it helped calm the situation slightly, many people still wonder what the future has in store for them.

Your Marriage

For the best relationship advice and insight, you should turn to a divorce lawyer. Given they have front row seats to all kinds of drama in the courts, they are better placed to provide you with signs to look out for to know if a divorce is in your future as a couple. Below are some of these signs.

The silent treatment

No one is saying that marriage is a bed of roses. As a matter of fact, family lawyers acknowledge the fact that it is full of up and downs and features a fair share of arguments. However, if these arguments constantly spiral out of control and end up with the couple not speaking to each other for a while, it is not a good sign.

A lackluster sex life

It shouldn’t come as a shock. Divorce is not a thing that happens overnight. There is a process to it. During this process, couples lose the intimacy they once had for each other. Their raw, burning desire for each other gets lost, as they grow further apart from each other. At Radley Family Law, it is common to hear clients confess to not being intimate for years in their marriage.

Couples have very little things in common

Opposites do attract, no doubt. However, it would be inexperienced to assume that these opposite qualities will hold a marriage together. If anything, they just might tear it down. Consider a couple where one is an introvert liking a warm bath followed by reading a book by the fireplace or in bed and the other, an extrovert who likes to party until late, probably until dawn. By no means will this couple hold it together. There is just so much ‘opposite’ marriage can handle.

Couples putting careers before family

In these tough financial times, it is understandable when couples focus on their careers. However, their focus on their careers should never blindside the family and marriage. Many are the times couples make prior plans with one spouse staying at home while the other advances their careers. It works for a while until the stay at home spouse starts to resent the situation. This resentment starts to eat away at the relationship until there is nothing left.

Couples having contempt for one another

Belittling each other, eye-rolling and general disrespect is a recipe for disaster even for the strongest of relationships. While couples may never see eye to eye on all issues affecting the family, they need to have an unwavering respect for each other if the marriage is to work. They should appreciate and embrace the differences acknowledging that they make them unique rather than view them as a sign of lack of intellect.

But this does not mean that the couple should never fight. In fact, when you ask any divorce lawyer, they will tell you that couples that avoid problems and awkward situations last for an even shorter time.