Suffering from Personal Injury? Make your Claim

Personal Injury

By nature, Personal Injury is a legal term, which means the injury or damage done to the body of a person, as opposed to a thing. The injury to body also includes the afflicted persons mind and emotions but not his property.

This is a sort of lawsuit in which one person can claim to be afflicted by another person and therefore make his due demands according to the law. A certain amount of defamation too takes place in such cases. The damages made in such a case may be of three types, they are- bodily damages, IIED or Intentional infliction of emotional distress and NIED or Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Traffic accidents, accidents at work, in home, assault claims, tripping accidents are all common types of personal injury. In fact even mental and dental accidents may be considered under the personal injury category, which is why the cases of medical negligence are heard very often. Along with this the industrial disease cases have become very regular, such as asbestosis, and several chest diseases.

In case of a personal injury, hence, the employment of an able lawyer is a compulsion. You need to seek an experienced attorney such as Jeff Glassman MA. He has gathered his experience over more than 20 years and is very well versed with the specifications and clauses of personal injury. He and his team of lawyers know to the best of their ability to satisfy their clients by making sure they receive their rightful claims.

Personal Injury

Personal injury can occur to anyone at any time and under many circumstances, so it is best to hire a lawyer who specializes in cases such as these so that you are able to get the maximum benefit from the law. Any claim made under this personal injury must commence within three years of the accident, or else the claimant will have to forego his demands.

As said earlier, personal injury can be experienced at any time and under several situations which may make it complicated at times too. Thus, Jeff Glassman MA, the veteran personal injury and workers compensation solicitor, from Boston as taken upon himself and many other capable and expert lawyers to get justice for the common people. They claim to be helpful in several other types of legal issues and that too successfully.

A person claiming for personal injury compensations usually does so to compensate primarily the pain and suffering that they have had to endure because of the injury inflicted on them. The claim for compensation can also be made keeping in mind the losses that the injured person will have to bear due to his present incapable state to work.

Apart from the above there are many who make the personal injury claim from a sense of acquiring justice for the loss they have to incur. Sometimes, it is not the injured person but his/her family who have to endure the ensuing pain of the injury, for it is very true that personal injury is not always just physical but many a times, mental and highly emotional as well.