The top 5 types of Law Practice and Careers

Law Practice and Careers

The field of Law practise is one that is varied and encompasses many areas. Whether you are looking for the right type of lawyer to assist you with legal matters or are thinking of going to law school so that you can pursue a career in legal work, it is important to know what type of law practice to choose. The general assumption is that all lawyers are basically the same but in reality there are so many branches in the field that it is best to choose specialist legal help or career choices in order to get the best results.

In that respect, it is not uncommon for most lawyers to specialise in one, or sometimes a few related areas of law; this article takes a look at the top 5 types of law practice and careers:

Law Practice and Careers

  1. Family Lawyers

Family lawyers, as the name suggests, deal with family related issues such as legal issues involving family estates but are most commonly known for advising or representing people in more contentious household disputes. Common areas in which family lawyers work in include estate planning, prenuptial agreements, divorce, and any resulting disagreements involving custody. As mentioned above, some lawyers may focus on one area of family law, but most will also handle any related areas as well.

  1. Business/ Corporate Lawyers

Business Law is one area of legal work that covers a broad range of jobs for lawyers and issues involved in commercial operations. Work in this field can involve advising on business litigation, commercial transactions, company formations, complex legal requirements affecting employment or taxes, and much more. This means that some business lawyers may work as advisors and representatives on business transactions such as deals or compliance, while others may specialise solely on handling lawsuits that are made for, or against a company.

  1. Criminal Defence Lawyers

Handling and advising on issues that can range from minor infractions to serious crimes, criminal defence lawyers are trained to defend their clients from prosecution. This can involve helping a client avoid going to jail, or in more serious cases, arguing for a reduction in jail sentences. Many criminal defence lawyers also work as prosecutors for the government while still in training or early on in their careers.

  1. Personal Injury Lawyers

We have all seen the adverts on television and whether you believe that personal injury lawyers are carrying out a noble service or are opportunists; this area of legal work can result in significant financial settlements. Personal injury lawyers represent clients who may have been injured through no fault of their own such as in accidents, healthcare mistakes, defective products and the like, and most will usually represent clients for a percentage of any settlements won.

  1. Immigration Lawyers

Global travel has become much easier over the years and this has given rise to the popularity of immigration lawyers that advise and represent foreigners wishing to settle in a new country. This work is crucial due to the number of legal documents and immigration laws that have to be followed and may be too demanding for ordinary people, especially foreigners.

As mentioned above, there is a wide range of legal professions that aspiring Lawyers can choose as a career choice; the five mentioned above are some of the most popular but others include entertainment, bankruptcy, real estate, civil litigation lawyers, and many others.