Founder or Shareholder Documents – Quality is the Key


The Founder document is the basis for any company or organisation and hence it is of utmost importance, its quality cannot be compromised. The documents of founder or the shareholders’ agreement as it is commonly referred to, are crucial in saving the interests of the shareholders in the long run. It serves as a reference point for future as well, if any dispute arises among stakeholders or within the company.

It is important to prepare a valid and detailed document since the quality of the document alone will decide how valid or relevant the agreement is and how purposeful it will be in future.

Founder or Shareholder Documents – Quality is the Key

The quality of the founder or shareholder documents lie in its features

Covering all points: A good quality founder exclusive document will have all issues covered that is it will focus on all points that are necessary.  It will even cover those points that may appear to be trivial.  That is why long founder documents are most of the time the best one as it will be comprehensive.  For those who find it tedious can have the summary of the document prepared so as to know each and every point covered in the document.

East of understanding: Though founder document is a legal paper, it need not be complex or complicated. What is the purpose of a document if the users cannot understand a word? A good quality document will be written in simple language so that the agreement can be read thoroughly and understood well. One of the main advantages of having a quality document is that the members will sign it readily as they are able to understand all that are mentioned in the document.

Pointers that help: Only a good quality founder document will have pointers that will help you complete the agreement. There can be question and answers or even notes so that you may be able to fill in details that are required. Hence a quality document helps you prepare an agreement that is devoid of errors.

Quality authors: A quality document means that the authors of the agreement are experienced people who have adept knowledge of law and legal documents. A document which has no mention of its authors can be a bad document that will serve no purpose.

Updated ones: Another advantage of quality documents is that you get updated ones that is in compliance with any change in law or rules. No matter what type of agreements you prepare, only quality founder exclusive documents will have current updates otherwise the rest are all old and hold no value in the legal circles.

Quality documents can be altered as well: Though in any legal document, it is not possible to do major changes in it, a quality agreement can be edited without much hassles. Such documents also do not need any particular technology for any editing purpose.

The Founder document is crucial and hence it is very important to ensure the quality of the documents which in turn is important to establish validity, purpose and eminence for today and future.