Things You Should Know About Michigan No-Fault Law Benefits


Michigan No-Fault Law covers all the pedestrians, motorcyclists, and even bikers who get badly injured in any type of road accident. This law is applicable in all cities of Michigan including Detroit. Knowing how no-fault laws of Michigan can help you in troubled times caused due to car crash is must for deriving its benefits. So, here are some crucial facts about this law presented you in easily comprehensible manner.

Who can qualify for cover under Michigan No-Fault Law?

You can be anybody walking, biking and riding by a car on road to get the benefit of No-Fault Law. But, in case of car or any type of four-wheeler and above, your vehicle should be registered and you should be carrying a valid car license on you while driving. If you are badly hurt due to the negligence of other car driver on road, and the injury has changed your life overnight for bad, you can get the benefit under No-Fault law.

Benefits provided under Michigan No-Fault Law

Michigan No-fault law is a ray of hope to all those who lost big way in a fateful moment. The sufferer or victim can get compensation for:

  1. Medical treatments including surgery, limp replacement and other expenses
  2. Lost wages if the victim is crippled and loses ability to work, and loss of salary during the time spent in recovering
  3. Household repair and replacement job expenses if the property is damaged
  4. Travel expense for visiting hospital
  5. Attendant care expenses

What you should submit to your Detroit car accident lawyer

You should submit the complaint copy made to the traffic regulation authority, scans (MRI, EEG, CT SCAN, X-Ray, etc) that show the injury suffered, loss of income details, and probable cost of recovering from injury details to your lawyer so that your case is represented well in the court. Also, make sure that you are claiming compensation under no-fault law within a year of accident.