Finding A Divorce Lawyer


Divorce is listed constantly as one of the most nerve-racking life events a person can experience. As traumatic as the dissolution of a marriage may be, you can only worsen it by rushing and hiring the wrong divorce attorney.

Slow down. Breathe. A little common sense and research can make sure you find the one that is right for you.


First, decide if you need a lawyer. Not each divorce need battling briefcases and court wars. If you and your spouse don’t have many assets and zero kids, you might be try to reach a settlement over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Even in complicated cases, employing a mediator is often a workable alternative. Mediators worth with both parties to reach a reasonable agreement which meets each of your requirements. If both parties are amicable, mediation may be the best route.

If your partner has hired a lawyer, you should get one too. Particularly important if you see a complicated property issue or custody matters which hasn’t been resolved.

If your partner is vindictive, you should have a lawyer to guard your interests as well as protecting your interests. Your lawyer is also a shield protecting you from being manipulated or deceived. If our partner has convinced you of threats of abuse, call 911 and retain a lawyer.

Where To Find A Divorce Attorney

Start by asking for referrals. If they aren’t familiar with a divorce lawyer, they may be connected somehow with other lawyers who might provide a referral. The relationship between a lawyer and their client is a close one — especially while dealing with divorce. Based on the situation, a suggestion from an acquaintance may not help.


There are multiple sites devoted to aiding persons who are looking for a lawyer. The American Bar Association’s Division for Legal Services is a good starting point. Type in your town and state and be handed a roster of lawyers servicing your locale.

Attorney Sites

When you identify a potential attorney, visit their website and read it thoroughly. The site ought to be navigable and understandable. Information centering around marital break ups and blog posts detailing the latest changes in familial law are a must.  Watch for particular words which indicate a lawyer leans towards a specific sort of patron. Some lawyers are specialists. For instance, if the lawyer’s site is called , “Dad’s Divorce Central,’ you don’t want to retain that lawyer — unless you are a dad acquiring a divorce.

Family Lawyer

Find a lawyer experienced in family law. Certifications as a family attorney mean years of experienced, advanced legal education and colleagues’ recommendations. Board certification makes sure the lawyer you retain is an expert who enjoys a good reputation in the law community. has a listing of area family lawyers.


During your research, find out if any lawyers has an excessive formal complaint filed against them. If records show multiple clients, in the last twelve-months, have complained their phone calls weren’t returned, you probably don’t want to retain them.