Top FAQS of Slip And Fall Answered By Reputed Attorneys In Jersey City

Reputed Attorneys

If you have faced a recent slip and fall injury or if anyone in your family or friends has faced a similar incident, it is time to understand the basics of how you can file for a case. Most people remain unaware of the facts and knowledge related to slip and fall cases. Thus, they end up failing in the case letting the accused win freely.

If you are aware of some of the common questions that describe the slip and fall well, you would be in a position to understand your case better. We have a list of top FAQs for you to refer to. These answers shall also help you to check if your attorney is presenting the case well in your favor at the court. The answers mostly relate to Jersey City slip and fall attorney cases.

Top FAQS of slip and fall answered by reputed attorneys in Jersey City:

1. Can I file for a slip and fall if I do not feel hurt?

You can still file for a slip and fall case. It is because someone else can undergo the same situation if the incident is not brought up to the notice of the owner as well as the court. Some people may not be hurt but, they fall for the trauma from the incident and are scared to take the same route again.

2. How long do the proceedings take for a slip and fall case at the court?

This cannot be guaranteed by any court or law. It depends from case to case. In some cases, if the owner doesn’t wish to see the court, they may request an out of court settlement.

3. What if I am found at fault for the slip and fall incident?

The court will see if you were 100% at fault or some percent of it. Your attorney will be the best person to guide you on this as the situation can be case specific.

4. What factors are considered in a slip and fall case?

Torn carpets, slipper rugs, leakage, wet flooring, uneven road, and weird staircase designs, are some common factors responsible for slip and fall cases.

5. How much does a lawyer charge to win my case?

None can tell you this. The fee of the lawyers may vary as per his/her expertise and experience. His credibility also matters in deciding his fee. You will need to meet a few good attorneys and check if they are open to negotiating with you.