What Happens During a Slip and Fall Case


During a Slip and Fall Case 1

Falling and hurting yourself can cause many bills and if you are badly injured, can cause damage to your finances. If your fall happens on someone else’s property, where they were able to fix what cause the fall and didn’t, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit for slip and fall. In cases like these, you must prove that the owner of the property that causes the accident was negligent. In order to successfully do this, you will want to hire an attorney. Having an attorney can greatly improve your chances of recovering the damages you incurred from the accident. Consider contacting the attorneys at Clarke Law to have your best chance of winning your case.

Why an Attorney is Important

In a slip and fall case, you must be able to prove that the alleged responsible party had the means to fix the problem before it caused the injury, but didn’t. With the help of an attorney you will have a professional that knows all of the important details needed to help win your case. They can quickly access the several different documents that will be pertinent to arguing your claim. An attorney will also have an easier time negotiating with the opposite party to obtain the damages needed to cover any costs incurred from the incident. A lawyer can explain to you what you can expect throughout the process and keep you informed of what is happening throughout the case.

The Process of a Slip and Fall Case

After you have spoken to an attorney and hired one, your lawyer will file a complaint. This will describe what you are claiming happened, who was involved, how it happened, and what you expect to get from the case. After this is filed, the other party will file an answer to your claim. This response will tell their side of the story; their defence. After everyone has spoken their side of what happened, the next step is discovery. During discovery, any evidence either side has will be brought forth. Both parties are entitled to see any evidence the other has so that they may form the best possible case. Once each party has all of the evidence, the next step is to file motions. There are various motions that could be filed such as a motion to dismiss the case or a motion for summary judgement. To avoid having to go to trial, both parties will attend mediation to try to find a resolution to the case. Most times an agreement is achieved during this part of the process and the case will need to go no further.

A slip and fall case can come about suddenly and the results of the accident can cause many financial interruptions. Sometimes these cases can be hard to fight and having an attorney by your side can ensure that you have a voice in the matter. They will make sure that all the appropriate steps are taken for you to get back to the state you were in before the accident.