What to do in the Event of a Motorcycle Accident


If you have a motorcycle accident, it is important to check on the condition of everyone involved. Sometimes riders are lucky and walk away from accidents uninjured. However, because motorcyclists are not protected in the same way as car occupants they tend to suffer quite serious injuries even in the event of a small accident.

If a motorcyclist suffers a head injury, it is wise to leave their helmet on. If the motorcyclist has hit the road, it is wise to seek medical help even if nothing appears to be broken. It is not uncommon for motorcyclist to suffer internal injuries that only begin to cause symptoms half an hour or so after the accident occurs.

Collect the Details You Need to Make a Claim

If everyone is OK and the vehicles are not in a position that could cause another accident you can exchange details straight away. When it comes to Arlington motorcycle accidents it is wise to take photos of the scene too. In this part of America if you are involved in an accident that leads to injury, death or damage of over $1,000 you have to file an accident report with The Texas Department of Transport.

Providing written details is important, but having photos to back up the details in the report can prove helpful. Your insurance company will also find them potentially useful when you make a claim. You need to note down the contact details of everyone involved including witnesses.