Divorce Attorneys who help Simplify Matters


After getting married a couple can have several issues with their partner after living together for some time. These issues may be petty, in case of which the couple can sort things out by themselves, or the issues can be grave, which may lead to separation and even divorce. If the couple decides to end things on a sour note then one might take the other to court but there can be different ways of solving these legal issues without having to step into a courtroom.

Divorce Attorneys who help Simplify Matters

Comply with state laws

Divorce can be a difficult thing to deal with especially if the couple has children. Children can complicate things as the issue of custody arises. Now, one thing must be kept in mind, state laws in the USA differ from state to state. Therefore, if you live in Alexandria, Virginia, you have to comply with the laws of the state regarding divorce laws. In that case, you have to consult divorce attorneys who specialize in cases in Alexandria, to sort out your issues. If issues are dragged to court, then courtroom divorce attorneys can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars but some attorneys can help you solve your issues without spending a whole lot of money.

In Alexandria, as per state laws, a couple who do not have children can be divorced if they have been living separately for six months but if the couple has children then they can only get divorced if they have been living separately for 12 months.

Divorce does not always take a bad turn

Divorce, however, does not always end in a bad way. It depends on how a couple deals with matters that causes the separation. If the reason for separation is ugly, and the decision, not at all mutual, then either one of partners may seek ‘revenge’, and this may complicate things. If one of two in a couple does not want to complicate matters and end things in a harmonious and peaceful way, attorneys can also help them do that. A divorce attorney Alexandria will also help clients to end things without going to court.

Different kinds of divorce requires different kinds of solutions

There are mainly two kinds of divorce:

  • Uncontested Divorce and
  • Contested Divorce

An experienced divorce attorney will know how to deal with both kinds and will try their best to make sure that justice isn’t denied.

Contested Divorce

There is always a good way of ending a marriage. A good divorce attorney will first try to resolve issues out of court. Even if there are disagreements amongst members of a couple regarding, children, property and financial support, an experienced attorney can help the couple to resolves their disputes before it can be taken to court. They consider a court case as the last resort as it may prove to be extremely expensive and a bit too unaffordable for a few couples. However, as some spouses can take a nasty route, they drag the case to court but the right attorney will always try to keep matters brief.

Uncontested Divorce

If your divorce is uncontested, an experienced divorce attorney can help you by reviewing your papers and by making sure that the decision is legally right, fair and understandable. Divorce attorneys can also arrange for ‘over the table’ meetings out of court, to help solve all the issues a couple is facing regarding their divorce and also issues that a couple is unhappy about.

Such experienced and good divorce attorneys can be approached if you feel that your divorce has taken an unfair turn or if you do not want to step into a courtroom.