Your Teenager’s First Car Accident: How Can You Help?


The phone rang three times before you decided to pick it up, and as soon as you confirmed who you are, the voice at the other end of the line said, “Your son got into a car accident.” It’s the most horrifying phone call that a parent can receive. Finding out that your teenager got into an accident is enough to cause a panic attack, but this isn’t the time for hysteria. You have to know whether your child is safe and guide him throughout the process.

Your Teenager’s First Car Accident

How Can You Help?

Inform Your Child About The Statistics: You should empower and educate him about the dangers of auto accidents. Let him watch videos or news reports involving car accidents and its consequences. This is not to scare him off the road. It is a way to inform him about the dangers so he will be prepared for it.

Keep Reminding Him About Distracted Driving: You should also stress the need for him to focus on the road. Encourage him to turn his phone off to avoid taking any calls or answering text messages while driving. You should also remind him to never operate his vehicle while intoxicated.

Increase His Driving Experience: Inexperience is one of the most common reasons why teens get into accidents. One way to improve your teen’s driving experience is by enrolling him in a basic defensive driver’s education course. The personal injury attorneys at Philadelphia based Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC remind drivers that most car accidents are caused by another driver’s dangerous driving; therefore, your teenager needs to learn how to handle difficult driving situations.

These tips will help prepare your teen; unfortunately, some car collisions cannot be prevented. Your teenager might be a careful driver, but you cannot say the same for all drivers. There are negligent drivers who do not care about the consequences of their actions. What should you do if your teen gets into an accident because of a negligent driver?

Dealing With Your Teen’s First Accident

First of all, you need to find out whether your teenager is OK. If he is injured, immediately take him to the hospital. Even if his injuries seem minor, you should still consult a doctor. According to, the most common mistake that car accident victims make is that they brush off minor injuries, unaware of the hidden consequences and costs.

Once you are certain that your teenager is out of harm’s way and after the police report has been filed, you need to find out how you can get compensation for your child’s injury. The car accident claim may be based on two types of compensation:

  • Compensation Through Your Insurance Provider: Your insurance will compensate your child for his injuries. This is possible if your insurance also covers your teen. Some states have a no-fault policy where the insurance carrier covers the medical costs. You should check with your insurance agent or consult an accident attorney to figure out what your coverage is.
  • Compensation From The Negligent Party: If your child got injured due to a negligent driver, the car accident attorney may file a compensation claim.

Steps For Filing A Car Injury Claim

  • Review the police reports and other records involving the accident.
  • Get a copy of the medical records and financial records showing the costs incurred due to the accident.
  • The attorney will negotiate with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Most claims are resolved through negotiations, but the attorney can also take the case to court.