A Guide to Collaborative Divorce for Men in Houston

Collaborative Divorce

Unfortunately, divorce is inevitable for one out of every four couples in the United States. Divorce is a complex process, and it can be made easier with the help of a collaborative approach. Collaborative divorce is a more cooperative way of ending a marriage. In a collaborative divorce, after an initial consultation, the couple decides to work together with their attorneys and other professionals to resolve all of the issues involved in their divorce. Usually, this includes property division, child custody, visitation rights, and child and spousal support payments.

The divorce process can be an emotionally difficult time for men as well. In that case, you can hire a divorce lawyer for men houston. Collaborative law allows divorcing couples to resolve their disputes themselves with the help of attorneys, who act as facilitators rather than advocates. With this type of law, the emphasis is on cooperation instead of conflict.

How to Initiate a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative law typically begins with an intake interview, where your attorney will gather information about you, your spouse, and your marital situation. Once this is complete, the two of you will sign a binding contract, which legally binds you to honor the process to completion without any further input from lawyers or courts.

Here are major steps to start a collaborative divorce:

  • Discuss the option of collaborative divorce with your spouse and find whether it is feasible for both of you.
  • Hire a collaborative divorce lawyer
  • Go for an initial consultation with the lawyer

The initial consultation with collaborative divorce involves the steps as follows:

  • Signing authorizations and agreements
  • Discuss both party’s expectations
  • Understanding the stages and process of proceedings
  • Discussing concerns of both husband and wife
  • Discuss court filings
  • Schedule next meeting

Why Should You Choose Collaborative Divorce?

If you are looking for a new way to approach divorce, consider a collaborative divorce. Instead of fighting with your spouse, you can work with them to minimize emotional stresses and financial burdens on your marriage while still protecting your and your children’s interests.

In the event of a separation, many couples have considered the option of collaborative divorce to avoid protracted litigation and save both time and money. In a collaborative divorce, the couple works together with a mediator to come up with a settlement that they can agree on. This eliminates any need for costly legal fees or court appearances while also saving time and stress.