Divorce Lawyers For Same-Sex Marriage In San Antonio


Did you know that more and more marriage is facing issues these days? A lot of people are also imprisoned with a bad marriage. The fact that marriage is sacred, it is also a legal matrimonial union between a man and a woman. But, what makes this marriage controversial is the big talk of same-sex marriage. Indeed, same-sex marriage is also covered with family law. Same-sex marriage is also understood and accepted as covered by family law. Both parties agreed to exchanged vows and promised each other to bond ties. So, they are not exempted under family law.

The LGBT divorce

Lamentably, even though the Supreme Court has decided to confirm the right and signed same-sex couple in the State, family code has not redrafted. So, there are concerns under family code that can’t be getting by both parties and some are not covered to them. Thus, same-sex marriage will have unique challenges seeking a divorce with child custody issues. The family code that has not redrafted including same-sex marriage will find difficulty on whom to be given the child custody if there is. For example, the couple under same-sex marriage might have the same case from the following:

  • Children during their previous marriage
  • Adopted children
  • Conceived children through assisted reproduction
  • Gestational carrier

Thus, the marriage had started a domestic partnership. So, whichever of the case may be, San Antonio divorce lawyers can help you deal with it.

The legal separation

When speaking about cutting bond of matrimonial union, it takes a long process. Now, the fact that the LGBT community is accepted in the society, a family law that supports them to legalize their relationship is also mandated. Addressing all the issues that have been facing with the LGBT community like same-sex marriage and same-sex divorce is legalized. It is also accepted by the law since the date of same-sex marriage was signed.  Also, child custody is involved with same-sex marriage in case they had begun a domestic partnership. Both same-sex child and same-sex marriage issues are handled and assisted by the San Antonio divorce lawyers. Thus, legal separation is allowed, permitted and accepted for the court proceedings. Justice for both parties is given and issues are solved according to the family law. Yes, divorce is a legal separation process that can be claimed by married people. It does not matter about age and sex, as long as the marriage is legal.

The layers of same-sex divorce

When thinking of divorce, everything made uneasy. The lives that you intertwined will be pulled apart. Now, things will never be easy here. Legal matters must undergo legal actions and legal procedures. The division of the property is required. Earning capacity and imbalances in incomes are to be balanced with spousal maintenance. The lawyers are openhand with you.