How can you become a Permanent Resident of Singapore

Permanent Resident of Singapore

It has been reported by some reputed visa agencies like One Visa that the number of people opting to become a permanent resident of the world-famous island-city is increasing from year to year.Yes, I agree that there have been some changes in the immigration laws in the Lion City. But, despite all these changes, the country is still welcoming a lot of foreign talent.Also, we can note that becoming a permanent resident is the most preferred option for the expatriates. So, know how you can become a permanent resident of Singapore here…

Resident of Singapore

Are you Eligible?

We could observe that Singapore is quite different in permanent residency scheme when compared to the other countries of the world. While other countries would require you to spend a certain number of years working there to become a permanent resident, Singapore doesn’t want this from you. You can very well apply for PR as soon as you got your Employment Pass (P, Q, or S). If you are holding any of these, then you can very well apply for PR under the ‘PTS scheme’.

In addition to these people, you can apply for a PR if you are an entrepreneur or an investor. These people can apply under the scheme called ‘Global Investor Program’.

Note: You must remember that just applying for a PR will not assure you that you can become a permanent resident of Singapore. Your application will be subjected to thorough reviews before granting you the permanent residency.

Documents Required for PR Application:

Yes, just like getting your work visa, you need to submit an application for PR too. The application for PR would be your ‘Form 4A’. You need to submit two copies of the completed application form along with the following supporting documents:

  • Passport size photo
  • Travel documents
  • ID card
  • Employment pass
  • Educational certificates
  • Professional certificates
  • Birth certificate
  • Last six months pay slips
  • Testimonials from past employers
  • Last three years Income tax documents

Apart from all these, you would also have to submit some other documents if you are including your spouse and child(ren) for permanent residency.

Note: You must remember that you should submit all the aforementioned documents in original, as well as photocopies. Your originals will be returned to you after verification. Also, note that the requirements would differ between the people who are applying under PTS scheme and GIP program.

Submitting your PR Application:

An important thing to be noted about submitting your application is that you should go in person to submit your PR application. Your application will not be accepted if you send it through postal means. Make sure to get an appointment before going to the ‘PR Services Center’ by using online options offered by the ‘Immigration & Checkpoints Authority’ website.

Note: You must present at the services center on time because punctuality is of high value here. Also, you should not miss out to take your documents during the appointment. So, make sure to check this well before you arrive at the services center.