How much compensation can we expect from a car accident case?

car accident case

Dozens of questions emerge in the mind of the injured victims of a car accident. How much to expect from a car accident settlement is one instance. Car accident victims mostly ask this question. 

If you have met in a car accident, the fault driver coverage and your insurance may be liable for reimbursing you for the damages and medical expenses. If you have crash coverage on your vehicle and the accident was your fault, then the insurance agency would pay a specific amount to repair your vehicle. The insurance agency might concern about your vehicle wreck and provide you a lump sum amount if the repairing cost is above your vehicle’s worth. Take recommendations from your friends, colleagues, or relatives to find the most reliable car accident lawyer in Gainesville GA.

While the other party’s carelessness causes the damage, his/her insurance agency must reimburse you for any damages, pain, distress, and losses. The amount offered by the insurance agency might be lower as per your anticipation. There is no definite answer, but it is tough to place a fair amount on suffering and pain. 

Factors affecting the compensation value of your car accident 

  1. Who or what has been damaged in the mishap. 
  2. If you endured severe distress and pain after the sudden accident. 

The average settlement for car accident

Determining car accident settlement amounts average is challenging since every case is different from each other. Below we have listed few settlement amounts as per certain damages:

  1. $50000 to $75000 for long-term injuries which need bodily treatment or surgery. 
  2. $75000 to $100000 for spinal injuries (not leading to paralysis).
  3. $10000 to $25000 for minor wounds (soft tissue injury or whiplash). 
  4. $100000 to $250000 for brain injuries (surgery necessity, cognitive injury, lack of brain function). 

The bad news is that some insurance policies have restrictions. When the other driver might have had insurance, their agency might not recompense the complete sum; you are unpaid due to their restriction. They would provide you as much as they can to a stage. If your compensation should be $20000, but they would just offer up to $10000, that might be all you are awarded. You will have to prosecute the other party for the other slice of your due compensation. Choose an intellectual wrongful death attorney Gainesville GA who can seamlessly deal with your case.