How to Find the Best DUI Attorney to Tackle Your Case

DUI Attorney

The apparent dangers of driving under the influence are well-known: death, crippling injuries, ruined families…just to mention but a few. In fact, one person dies every 50 minutes because of a DUI-related accident.

Despite this, millions of Americans still get behind the wheel when they’re drunk or intoxicated. If you’re one of these people, you’re putting your life and those of other road users at risk.

Even if you don’t get involved in an accident, the traffic police will soon catch up with you. And if they already have, you’re probably looking for a DUI attorney to help you with the case.

How do you find the best attorney in your area?

Why Hire a DUI Attorney?

When you’re facing DUI charges, there’s a lot on the line. Your license could be suspended or canceled, meaning you won’t be able to get behind the wheel soon — or again — and drive on a public road. Hefty fines and time behind bars could also be in the offing, depending on the laws in your state.

Other times, you can be facing DUI charges because the police made a mistake. Perhaps you believe the breathalyzer they used was faulty, or your rights were violated.

A DUI attorney will fight for you and help ensure the case reaches a conclusion that’s favorable to you.

Get Recommendations

The easiest way to get the best DUI attorney in your area is to get recommendations from friends and relatives.

As someone who drinks, there’s no doubt you have a circle of friends who also drink. There’s a good chance some of them have found themselves on the wrong side of DUI laws, forcing them to hire DUI lawyers.

You should get more than a few recommendations from your friends and relatives. But if you don’t, you can take the search online. A simple “DUI attorney near me” online search is enough to guide you to some of the top-rated attorneys in your locality.

Either way, your goal should be to get the names of about 5 local attorneys. You can then start to zero in on the best of them all.

Consider Licensure, Professionalism, and Experience

These are the yardsticks that will help you find the best attorney.

First, ensure every lawyer on your list has an active license to practice in your state. And, don’t just take “yes, I’m licensed” for an answer. Verify the information with the Bar in your state.

Second, how experienced is the attorney? We’re not talking about just the number of years the attorney has been in the practice. Look at the number of cases they have handled, and the outcome of those cases.

Third, assess the professional reputation of the lawyer. There’s no good hiring a licensed, experienced lawyer if their professional reputation is poor. You can know the reputation of a lawyer by checking their online reviews.

That’s how to find a lawyer you can trust.

Hire the Best DUI Attorney in Your Area

DUI charges can have hefty consequences, which is why it’s essential to get professional help when you’re facing them. But you don’t need just any DUI attorney. You need a competent one; someone who will put your needs first.

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