Arrested for a DUI? What to do?

Arrested for a DUI

If you are suspected of drunk driving, then you will be arrested by the police. DUI arrest can be very frightening and confusing, especially when it is for the first time. Whenever you are arrested for DUI, there are certain steps that you have to follow for your protection and trial. If you ever face such situations at any time in your life, make sure to follow all the steps to get rid of the problem. Moreover, make sure never to repeat the same wrong thing. The following are steps to follow after you get arrested for a DUI:

  1. Take a chemical test: This step is the most important one after you get arrested. The chemical test shows the amount of alcohol in your blood. By this, the police can determine whether you are guilty of DUI or not. Depending upon this test, the police determine the gravity of your guilt.
  2. Consult with a DUI attorney: DUI cases are very complex and sophisticated. Therefore, make sure to contact a specialized DUI attorney to solve your problem. The General Attorney cannot help you with the DUI cases. This is because DUI cases require in-depth understanding and knowledge. A general attorney can only represent you in a court of law but a DUI attorney can gain you a favorable outcome.
  3. Contacting a bail bondsman: In certain cases, a person can be released without bail, but most cases have the requirement of bail. At that point in time, you will need a bondsman. They will post bail for you by taking a fee. They will ensure that you come to all the hearings. In case you don’t attend, they will come looking for you.
  4. Preparing your plea: It is the time when you have to prepare your part of the plea in the trial. It is regarded as a vital part when your case is in the trial stage at the court of law. A plea of not guilty will give you a jury trial. During this time it is possible for you to prove your innocence.
  5. Requesting for a DMV hearing: A short period of time is provided to you for making a formal request for a DMV hearing. In that time frame if you do not request it, then your driving license will be suspended automatically. This hearing determines whether you are allowed to keep your driving license after arrest or not.

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DUI cases are very much different from the other cases. It requires extra attention and knowledge to handle these cases. Therefore, the first and most vital requirement, in this case, is to consult and hire a specialized DUI attorney. And the most important thing is to be careful while driving.