Make a Claim with Pension Justice


Pension Justice is a company in the UKthat has been dealing with cases of Mis-Sold pensions all over the country.They have established a clear and concise system to help people get compensation for their Mis-sold pensions. As the Mis Sold Pensions UK cases are rising day by day, the firm is trying hard to help every individual who comes to them seeking advice. With Pension Justice, you don’t get fake claims or false promises; the only thing you get is genuine help.

Before you call the service to make a claim, it’s important you ensure that you’re eligible for the claim. It’s common to make mistakes when it comes to matters like this. Thus, you need to be 100% certain before you step into the time consuming and hectic process.

You would be eligible for the claim if:

  • You were suggested to transfer from a Final Salary Company Pension.
  • Your investments were put in some kind of non-standard assets.
  • You were pointed out to switch to Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP.)
  • You weren’t provided annual reviews, projections, and ongoing support regarding the plan.
  • You were chargeda servicing fee for the transfer.
  • Your new pension plan wasn’t evaluated with alow-cost
  • Your new plan involves a lower tax-free cash limit.

All these are signs that you’ve been deceived by your advisor.So, even if your advisory firm is not currently operating, you will be able to claim for a Mis-Sold pension.

Why Choose Pension Justice?

As their name clearly signifies, Pension Justice helps you get the return for your Mis-Sold Pensions UK. The reasons why they are the best in the business include:

  • Experienced Team: They have a highly-qualified and experienced team which can help obtain maximum compensation for Mis-selling their pension. They ensure that at every step of the process, you have an expert to help you.
  • Not a Call Centre: Pension Justice is not a call center where you call for help. They have a service which you can rely on to carry out the task. You can contact the expert in the field and get swift advice and assistance.
  • Hassle-Free Process: The firm will do all the hard work that is needed. There is no long and lengthy form that you need to fill out. The experts will do it on your behalf and you can just relax and wait for yourcompensation to arrive.

It doesn’t matter how long the process can be, they will dedicate themselves to help you make a successful claim. In addition, in case your claim is denied, they will not charge any fee for your wasted time and efforts.

So, if you’re also one of the cases of Mis Sold Pensions UK, then make sure you take the right help. The professionals will deal with the case until your claim is refunded. You can always check the website before making a decision.