The Accident Reconstruction Specialists Can Help In Different Types Of Cases


The accident reconstruction experts have a wide and extensive training and experience of all areas of any motor vehicle accidents. They are also experts in forensic mapping, 3D animations and crash simulation. These specialties enable the injury attorney to know how the accident occurred, who is at fault and even determine the identity of the occupant and the driver. The accident reconstruction specialists also determine the speed of the vehicle during impact, its positionprior to impact, location of impact, force of impact, injuries caused, use of seatbelts and lots of other facts. They will also take weather and vehicle conditions into consideration for precise reconstruction.

Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction

Sometimes a pedestrian accident may also be required to reconstruct. This is even more challenging than reconstructing a motor vehicle accident. The reason behind it is that there is a mixture of vehicles where such accident occurs. Apart from that there are different signals at different angles of the intersections and pedestrians coming from all sides. Expertise and adequate training is required to consider all aspects, understand available evidence thoroughly and the relationship with different types of pedestrian accidents. These types include wrap trajectory, forward projection, fender vault, roof vault, and somersault.

Motorcycle Accidents And Others

Reconstruction may also be required for motorcycle accidents especially when there is a death. Flouting of traffic rules, helmet laws, speeding, carrying more persons and all other factors, specifics and dynamics are considered. Surrounding of the vehicle is also required to determine the actual cause of the crash and to find out who was at fault. In case of trucks and buses special dynamics are involved that needs to be considered. It is due to the large size, higher center of gravity, longer stopping time and distances that makes reconstruction of these accidents more complex that may call for forensic mapping by the specialist.