Win Complicated Cases with Oakville Family & Divorce Lawyer – Lydia Moritz

Couple divorcing

Not all divorce cases have a mutual understanding. You can be the very victim of lies, cheating and physical abuse. You will not, of course, suffer from the agony throughout your life. But you are afraid of what ugly contest you have to face during the trial. If your partner has been so unfriendly in your personal life, you cannot expect that same person to be helpful or friendly when you file a lawsuit. So you have to gear up for a hot contest. Fight ferociously with the help of an expert lawyer.

Win with a great teamwork

You cannot fight a divorce case alone. You need a lot of people to support you in various ways to achieve the final positive outcome. The Oakville Family & Divorce Lawyer – Lydia Moritz will be your friend, philosopher, and guide. To make working easier, build up a whole team. Someone will be gathering proves to claim your assets while the other will be gathering evidence to testify for the regular torture inflicted upon you. Another person will be managing the forensic tests while yet another will complete the necessary documentation. A joint effort will undoubtedly result in a comprehensive win.

Stay in the marital home

Your advocate will explain to you why is it necessary to continue staying at home while the trial is going on in spite of facing mental and physical harassment. If you chose to leave for whatever reason, the court would say that you have left on your own will implying acknowledgment your partner for full possession of the asset. You will have the least chance to gain back your claim. Instead, you can request for exclusive access that will alleviate the risk of facing further abuse. Your children will also be at a peace of mind when already they are involved in such a parental problem.

Leave little proof of communication

Before or during the trial try to keep your mouth shut regarding discussion involving your partner. Any verbal communication will be re-iterated in court and will act against you. Do not keep any written proof of chatting where you have used nasty words about your ex. Avoid using social media sites for expressing out your frustration. Negative posts are tools to claim that you have a terrible habit of speaking low about your mate. Don’t send any text to any friend that will form a negative vibe of the judge about you.