Top 5 Methods You Can Use to Avoid a DUI Conviction


Were you arrested recently when the officer suspected that you were driving under the influence of alcohol? If you were given a blood alcohol test, and you were a little over the limit, you could now be looking at a DUI charge. How can you ensure that you avoid a conviction and/or jail time?

  1. Get a Plea Deal

It may seem odd that the best way to get out of a conviction is to go for a plea, but there are instances where you can agree to some sort of fine and/or community service where they leave the charge off your record.

  1. Contest the Arrest

One of the best ways to get out of a DUI situation is to try and contest the arrest. Talk about the conduct of the officer, and ask why they even pulled you over in the first place if you were not doing anything illegal or driving erratically.

  1. Hire a Top Lawyer

The best way to try and get out of a DUI case with no conviction is to hire a top lawyer. If you want to avoid a dui conviction, find the best attorney in your area that specializes in DUI cases. They will help you out.

  1. Look for Precedence

Your lawyer can help you find a precedence where a similar case resulted in a plea deal or in the other party getting away without a charge.

  1. Speak About Previous Record

If all else fails, you will want to talk with the prosecution and/or the judge about your previous record that is spotless. You can speak about how you have no arrests and you are an upstanding member of the community, and you will be hoping that you will get some leniency. It does not always work, but it is worth a shot.