Choosing The Right DUI Lawyer For Your Case


DUI, or drinking under the influence is a charge that most people would frown at, but, in reality, many people have been a stone’s throw away from facing the same charge. Although you are aware of the dangers if driving under the influence the truth is that it can be very easy to misjudge the amount of alcohol you have consumed. The biggest risk is usually the morning after, when you feel fine but are actually still over the limit.

Should you have been either stupid enough or unfortunate enough to be caught driving under the influence you will need to locate the right DUI lawyer for your case. There are a variety of criteria which you should consider before choosing your lawyer:

  • Experience

The first thing to consider is how much experience each of your perspective lawyers have. The more experience they have the better they will be able to predict the outcome, although if they are too quick to decide an outcome you may be dealing with a jaded lawyer who will not put in the maximum effort for you. In the same vein, a young lawyer with little experience can make up in enthusiasm and knowledge of the law what they lack in experience. You must be comfortable that the DUI lawyer you choose will do their best to minimize any negative outcome.

  • Reputation

If the lawyer has a good reputation then they are worth considering. The best lawyers will have satisfied clients who will happily provide references or testimonials. You can also assess the reputation of a potential lawyer by asking family and friends their opinion and looking at the reviews the lawyer or their firm has received online.

  • Success rate

The higher the success rates the better! This will increase your chances of getting a lighter or non-existent sentence. Someone who has experience and a high success rate is only likely to take your case on if they feel there is a good chance of winning the case; they will not want to damage their success rate! Therefore, if they are willing to take you on you can be assured that you have a decent case!

  • Fees

It is essential to understand the fee structure before you agree to use any specific lawyer. Some DUI lawyers will charge a high upfront fee and then still recommend or ledge a guilty charge! Others will have a low upfront fee but they will have ongoing costs and charges which will quickly add up. You should be able to obtain a fixed price for dealing with your case up to and including a basic trial; this should be provided during or straight after your free consultation.

  • Licensing Laws

Your lawyer should also be familiar with the licensing laws as they can affect your license and your ability to complete your job. This can, along with the testimony from your employer change the verdict from losing your license to points and a higher fine. Alternatively it can be just what you need to get off with a slap on the wrist!